General recommendations for the prevention of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Check out the statement from the National Education Development Fund (FNDE).


1. With cordial greetings, the National Education Development Fund (FNDE) shares with you, below, important information and recommendations from the Ministry of Education, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, about the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

2. The new Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an agent related to respiratory infections, which can present with a picture similar to other flu syndromes. Its transmission, based on scientific knowledge acquired so far, occurs through entry into the respiratory tract, through contact with droplets of secretions (nasal mucus, for example). This can happen through direct contact with the infected person's secretions, by coughing or sneezing, or indirectly, through contact with contaminated surfaces, taking the particles to the nose or mouth through the hands.

3. To prevent transmission, it is recommended to adopt some behavioral measures, considering that educational institutions are closed environments, with a large number of people and with frequent collective activities.

4. Thus, the Ministry of Health, through the Secretariat of Health Surveillance, issued a recommendation to the Ministry of Education to promote the following actions with educational institutions:

- Promote educational activities on hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette (a set of behavioral measures that should be taken when coughing or sneezing);
- Encourage hand hygiene with water and liquid soap and/or alcoholic preparations, providing, as possible, washbasin/sink with liquid soap dispenser, paper towel holder, trash can with pedal-operated lid and dispensers with alcoholic preparations for hands (alcohol in gel), in points of greater circulation, such as: reception, access corridors to classrooms and cafeteria;
- Encourage the use of paper tissues, as well as their proper disposal;
- Perform cleaning and disinfection of classroom surfaces and other spaces (chairs, tables, appliances, drinking fountains and equipment) after use. It is recommended to clean surfaces with neutral detergent, followed by disinfection (70% alcohol or sodium hypochlorite);
- Avoid sharing cups/canisters;
- Encourage the use of individual containers for the consumption of water, avoiding direct contact between the mouth and the drinking fountain taps;
- Keep the rooms ventilated by natural ventilation (open doors and windows);
- Avoid activities involving large agglomerations in closed environments, during the circulation period of agents causing flu syndromes, such as the new coronavirus (COVID-19);
- Pay attention to individuals (teachers, students and other professionals) who present fever and respiratory symptoms (cough, runny nose, etc.). Guide the search for care in a health service and, as recommended by the doctor, keep away from activities;
- Communicate to the health authorities the occurrence of suspected case(s) of human infection by the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

5. As part of the campaign to prevent the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Education, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, produced a campaign for social networks on the subject. An application (Coronavirus - SUS) was also launched for iOS and Android with information about the disease, instructions for the population and a map of health units that can provide care in case of suspicion. In addition, according to the description on the Play Store and App Store platforms, it is possible to ask questions about symptoms, prevention and other relevant information, such as nearby health facilities and official news.

6. It should also be noted that the Ministry of Health maintains active surveillance regarding the circulation of respiratory viruses, with constant monitoring of the epidemiological situation, generating bulletins and technical notes to guide health services, other sectors and the population . In the event of any change in the epidemiological scenario that justifies the adoption of other prevention and control measures, new communications will be carried out through official vehicles.

7. For more information on the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), please access the Ministry of Health website at .

8. Finally, it is recommended that all educational institutions and educational partners adopt the proposed measures, requesting that the information produced by the Ministry of Education, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, now forwarded, be made available, including, in their websites.

9. The National Education Development Fund - FNDE thanks everyone for their commitment and remains available to provide any additional clarifications.

Best Regards,

Karine Silva dos Santos
President of FNDE