Bahiana summons medical students to fight Covid-19 with information and technology

The school joins Fiocruz, UFBA, Sesab and Uneb in a telemedicine task force. Apply!


Medicine students at EBMSP from the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth semesters can register at the link below to act in a task force that will use cutting-edge telemedicine technology to guide the population of the city of Salvador in combating the coronavirus.

Fiocruz and UFBA will create a virtual health center to act in the screening of cases of suspected respiratory infection. The goal is to avoid unnecessary travel to health centers.

Students will be able to apply screening protocols over the phone, in video classes that are being created by experienced professionals.

The center that is being set up will automatically forward the call to the students' cell phones, which will be able to collaborate with the fight against the pandemic effectively and without increasing the individual risk of infection by the virus.

The health center is an initiative that combines technology, information and knowledge with our sense of compassion, to allow our institutions and students to help minimize the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Click here to access the registration link.