Praia de Guarajuba served as the stage for the last edition of ParaPraia 2020

The objective was to provide assisted sea bathing for more people.


Guarajuba beach was the stage for the last edition of ParaPraia 2020. The beach, which is located in the municipality of Camaçari, received the project on the day February 29, for the first time. The objective was to provide assisted sea bathing for more people. “We have already held an edition in Arembepe (Camaçari), during the 2019 season, and this year we continued to expand access to adapted sea bathing”, explains Luciana Oliveira, coordinator of the Common Core of the Bahiana.

The last edition before the carnival was held on the day February 15 and had the support of 28 volunteers, including 8 teachers from Bahiana. On that day, 89 bathers were served. Right after the carnival, the closing edition, which took place in Guarajuba, had the support of 10 volunteers who assisted 40 bathers.

The third semester student of Physiotherapy at Bahiana Ana Paula Gomes, a volunteer on the project, reports what she thought of the experience: “By dealing with differences, there is greater human and professional development. Therefore, participating in ParaPraia was wonderful”. Arielle Reis, a student of the seventh semester of Psychology, who participated for the first time in the initiative, understands that, for those with reduced mobility, having the sea bath made possible by students and professionals is quite significant.
The swimmer Valdir Nunes reports that he has participated in at least three seasons of ParaPraia and that the action also enables the practice of aquatic exercises, benefiting the body in its entirety. “I make my best effort not to miss a day”, adds Valdir Nunes, who is also assisted by the HTLV Center at Bahiana.


During the 9 days of action, ParaPraia 2020 provided assisted bathing, adapted stand up and musical performances for 586 bathers with reduced mobility. Furthermore, 243 volunteers trained by Bahiana e 36 teachers from the institution were involved in the initiative.

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