Tributes to International Women's Day in Bahiana reinforce women's autonomy

The activities were designed with the objective of working on concepts of equity between genders.


Tributes to International Women's Day in Bahiana they were marked by workshops, ballroom dancing, self-defense classes, meditative chi-kung practice and a special chat with the pedagogical advisor Lígia Vilas Boas. This year's theme was "Woman on the move... or not", which addressed the diversity that encompasses “being a woman”. The action took place on March 5th and 6th, on the campuses Brotas and Kabula. Professor Rodrigo Aristides is part of the core of physical activities, sports and leisure at Bahiana and explains that the activities were designed with the objective of working on concepts of equity between genders, based on the paradigm shift in society that historically limited the position of women.

Following this perspective, teacher Jocélia Freire proposed a ballroom dancing activity, in which the concepts of conductor and lead were worked on. As for the activity, the teacher highlights: “regardless of whether they are men or women, the roles can be reversed, since it is the development of the skill that will define the role a person will play”.

Rebecca Albuquerque, Jiu-jitsu instructor, points out that women often do not realize that they are strong and have the power to react. "That's why the self-defense class is a way to exemplify this power we all have, despite being culturally associated with the weaker sex." The instructor understands that showing this ability through activities among women is very important to build a welcoming environment that reinforces the woman's autonomy with regard to the control of her body, her sexuality and her freedom.

“I loved the activity. The classes were very entertaining and were based on female empowerment”, describes Jocasta Franco (People's Strategic Management and Organizational Learning at Bahiana – GEPAP). Marcela Apolinário (Technology and Information Nucleus – NTI) reports that she was very excited about the experience. "I've been at the company for a week, and the fact that the Bahiana raising awareness on that day, bringing playful activities, is very relevant, as we know that, nowadays, women still face many barriers in the struggle for recognition and space”.

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