Renê Campos, athlete sponsored by Bahiana, brings together a technical team in preparation for the Paralympics.

The objective of the meeting was to integrate professionals and present expectations to represent Brazil in Tokyo.


In a relaxed chat, the paraathlete Rene Campos, sponsored by Bahiana, gathered its technical team at the Coordination of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública to present the projects for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The meeting took place on February 14th in the morning. On the occasion, Regina Carvalho (Communication and Marketing manager of the Bahiana), Marcelo Affonso (physiologist), Jair Fonseca (rowing technician), Fátima Affonso (sports coach), Pedro Hernandes (sports psychologist), Igor Cordeiro (physiotherapist), Fábio Arcanjo Fabão (physiotherapist), Moisés Feitosa (nutritionist), Mário Agra (president of Clube São Salvador de Remo), Neomísio Lisboa (president of the Bahia Rowing Federation), Priscila Pereira (wife of Renê Pereira) and Walter Kraus (coordinator of communication and marketing). The objective of the meeting was to integrate professionals in relation to the athlete's physical preparation.

“It was a very important day for having managed to bring together professionals from different areas that, throughout my career, I was able to meet. These experts will cooperate for me to achieve my goal in the Olympics. They are people who put their time and energy to help me, as they believe in the Tokyo 2020 project”, describes Renê Campos. The rower explains that he has been celebrating many events. “It's been five years that I've been achieving some goals, such as joining the Brazilian national team, becoming the biggest Brazilian record holder for rowing titles, world runner-up and also five times Brazilian champion”.


As for training, Renê Pereira reveals that, on January 20, 2020, for the first time, he trained outdoors (outdoors) in Salvador, at the training center in Pituaçu. Before, the training was carried out only in a simulator, a fact that limited the athlete's development. Renê Campos also says that he qualified for the Paralympics after the winning the World Cup runner-up in the Netherlands, and, since then, it has realized the need to bring together professionals who are involved in its preparation routine. Some of them already knew each other, but the vast majority had not yet had the opportunity to meet. “The goal was achieved. I presented my routine and we chose to create an online group to share daily information about my schedule, in a synchronized and direct way. In this way, we will use the technology to our advantage”.

"I consider the support of the Bahiana of fundamental importance and I end this meeting more confident and proud for having mobilized so many people. I will do my best to meet everyone's expectations, and especially mine, because I do this sport with a lot of passion and dedication”, emphasizes the athlete as he addresses his life trajectory. “My dream was to participate in a Soccer World Cup, as I was very connected to this sport, but, having suffered a spinal cord injury that brought me a physical sequel thirteen years ago, right after I graduated in Medicine by Bahiana, life wanted me to win gold in another sport. Therefore, the Olympic medal will bring a greater meaning to me in several things”.

Renê Pereira Campos is well known in the sport, having conquered, in the last years, several titles in national and international competitions. Recently, the athlete was awarded as the best rowing athlete in Brazil in the ninth edition of the 2019 Paralympic Awards.


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