Students from Bahiana carry out a technical visit to meet the challenge of the 2nd Inova+Saúde Award

Registration for the awards continue until February 18th.


The second edition of Inova+Health Award still with open registrations until February 18 and, this year, it brings to competitors challenges posed by the healthcare units Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar, Pain Therapy Clinic (CTD) and Hospital Português. Thus, candidates must propose solutions that will be evaluated for their innovative potential within the healthcare technology environment. Thus, during the month of January, teams interested in submitting proposals to the challenge of improving patient adherence to treatments through interaction, proposed by the Pain Treatment Clinic, visited the unit.

Medical students from the Bahiana, accompanied by the coordinator of the Technological Innovation Center (NIT), Prof. Fernanda Ferraz, the medical director of the CTD, Dr. Agiolina Kraychete, in addition to the psychologist Emily Pedreira and the communication and marketing advisor, Larissa Tosta, also members of CTD team.

Competitors wishing to visit the units proposing the challenges may make an appointment with the Technological Innovation Center, through the e-mail, 48 hours in advance of the visit dates: Hospital Português (February 10 – afternoon); Pain Therapy Clinic (February 11 – afternoon); Cardio Pulmonar Hospital (February 13 – morning).


“'Each case is a case' is a widely used cliché in healthcare, such that we students and professionals hear it almost every day, but we don't always recognize the essence that this message conveys. visit the CTD, I see this cliché from another perspective. Often, we can think that the therapeutic plan of a patient with chronic pain is a cake recipe that applies in all cases", reported the 8th semester student of Medicine, André Luz Freitas de Oliveira Júnior. According to him, with the visit to the unit, he was able to realize how much each patient with a special condition should be recognized in their peculiarity.

To Maria Paula Marques Fernandes, 9th semester student of Medicine at Bahiana, the Inova+Saúde Award offers the opportunity to increase health with innovative initiatives and technologies. "A little over a year ago, I started to realize the importance of technology in the health area and how much I wanted to undertake in this area, but I didn't know how. That's when I found out about the Inova + Health Award and it made a lot of sense for me, after all, I always wanted to be part of this environment." She points out that the notice caught the attention of her research group: "I saw, together with my group, the opportunity to, in a challenge, promote ideas with which we identified, and we were even happier. After all, to undertake in health or creating projects like this is seeking to solve problems. And doing this knowing that it is possible to add more value to people's lives, is priceless! We are very happy to be part of a college that encourages programs like this!"

Medical students João Victor Almeida dos Santos (8th semester) and Vitória Marques Fernandes (9th semester) also participated in the visit.