FIES Amendment 2020.1

Check here for updated guidelines, validation period and deadlines.


Bahiana brings to the academic community complete information about the FIES 2020.1 amendment.


1. The amendment will be made by campus.
2. Check if the semester is with the correct value, as well as other information;
3. If the amendment is NOT Simplified and the deadline for contacting the Bank is before the date of the face-to-face service, you must contact the Social Service (3276-8273) in order to inform your name, CPF and date you will pick up the document.
4. If the system does not allow you to proceed, it may be due to non-payment of interest. Therefore, The student must be current with the quarterly interest installment in order for his addendum to be completed.
5. If the validation period in the system has expired and your contract has the status "not initiated by the CPSA", you must contact the Social Service to inform: name, course and CPF;
6. The in-person addendum must be carried out by the student or by means of a power of attorney with notarized signature and the attorney's identity document;
7. The amendment must be validated within the period informed below and will be requested in alphabetical order. Therefore, if at the beginning of the validation period you do not receive the SMS in order to validate it, wait until the end of the period, the system must release the confirmation of the names that start with the final letters of the alphabet;
8. Any problem of an operational order of the system, in carrying out the validation of the amendment, must contact the FNDE (0800-616161).
9. Access to validate the amendment:

Validation period in the system: February 28 to March 02, 2020.
In-person Amendment (Library): March 05, 2020 (Thursday).
Hours: 7:30 am to 13:30 pm

Validation period in the system: March 03 to 08, 2020.
In-person Amendment (Social Service-UAB): March 13 to 20, 2020.
Hours: 7:30 am to 16 pm