PET Dentistry completes 10 years of actions focused on humanized health

The outreach program develops activities that enhance creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and student management.


The Tutorial Education Program of the Dentistry course at Bahiana / PET Odonto completed 10 years of activities in the Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana of 2019 and, to mark the occasion, his group of students participated in the Oral Health Education Action in the District of Pitanga dos Palmares, in Simões Filho, on December 11, 2019. The event was organized by the Municipality of Simões Filho (BA) and assisted 110 children from a needy community.
The PET Odonto team was invited to develop the activity, providing assistance to students at the Nossa Esperança Community Center Municipal School. The action included playful and relaxed services to teach about daily oral hygiene, brushing and healthy habits. The Mayor of Simões Filho, Dinho Tolentino, considered the initiative as a mechanism to “break the fear that the child has of the figure of the dentist”.


PET Odonto
The program, the first in tutorial education to be approved at the institution, was started in 2009 by the coordinator of the Dentistry course, Professor Urbino Tunes, and had as its first tutor Professor Alena Medrado. Currently, PET Odonto is tutored by Professor Sandra Brasil. She emphasizes that she feels very happy and grateful to accompany the personal growth and professional training of these students.
The teacher explains that the purpose of PET/Odonto is to broaden students' horizons and prepare them for the world of work with an emphasis on culture, different forms of art and the humanization of relationships, bringing a perspective of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and management. Therefore, over the 10 years, several projects were developed, such as PET Abraça, PET Conto, PET Arte, PET Aventura, PET Speak, PET Reading, PET Cinema, PET Saúde Bucal, in addition to participation in institutional, state and national events. Students work in committees that plan and organize projects, in a model that allows them to monitor all phases. Thus, there is the exercise of autonomy, responsibility, care for the other, inclusion of diversity and understanding of the complex moment in which we live in today's globalized and technological world.
“The results of these works are reflected in the performance of students in professional life. Students who participate in PET, after graduating, become more proactive, able to make assertive decisions and develop a broader vision of project management”, describes the current tutor. For Sandra Brasil, the student who goes through PET demonstrates greater sensitivity to the problems of our current culture, they are attentive to ethics, the inclusion of diversity and the practice of humanized relationships, as they experience a quality of welcoming relationships in the group, which expand to the professional performance.
For Mariana Flores, a Dentistry graduate, who has participated in PET since the second semester of the course, the group brought a significant difference to academic life: “I had the opportunity to live with people from different semesters to exchange experiences, participate in educational events in health and take autonomy to different communities in Salvador and in the interior of Bahia”, reports the student. Regarding the relevance of the program for working as a dentist, Mariana Flores understands that the organization in planning activities, the development of oratory for actions in public health and the ease of interpersonal relationships, characteristics that are very developed in the group, were lessons that will be used a lot. in professional life.
Dentist Marcos Rios, who graduated in 2018.1, points out that the program is extremely important in undergraduate studies: “Participating in PET makes a lot of difference in professional life, as the project makes it possible to develop oratory, plan actions, expand horizons in relation to humanized health , experience different cultures and meet people from other places”. The dentist, who is thinking of pursuing a teaching career, currently works in the public health network of Simões Filho.