NEAD promotes a seminar on the career of informatics in health

The free event publicized the area's opportunities to the internal and external community.


The Distance Learning Center of Bahiana – NEAD performed the Seminar "Career in Health Informatics: perspectives and opportunities" with the objective of divulging to the public the potentialities of the work of the professional in informatics in health. “It is a new career in Brazil, and the proposal is to prepare professionals for a career in health management in the midst of technological and internet demands”, explains the event coordinator, Prof. Marta Menezes, who emphasizes the importance of the career , therefore, “the health informatics fills a gap in the job market”. The free event took place on December 9, at 18 pm, on Campus Brotas da Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, broadcast online and was aimed at students and professionals from the internal and external community.

The seminar addressed topics such as the role of health informats in primary care services, opportunities for insertion and training of health informatics professionals in telemedicine, and health management as a field of action for health informatics. Professors Marta Menezes and Renato Sabbatini gave lectures to both in-person and online audiences. Guest professor Gustavo Bacelar also spoke through an online broadcast. In addition, 100 participants followed the seminar at a distance.

The student Rafael Lélis, from the 10th semester of the Medicine course at Bahiana, was present at the event and revealed that one of the reasons that led him to join the EAD graduation in Health Informatics was the fact that “technology helps professionals in the medical area, so training is essential”. The student emphasizes that he has always been interested in the technological area and that, thanks to the course, he will be able to complement his knowledge.
Professor Renato Sabbatini points out that the seminar masterfully closed the didactic activities related to health technologies and informatics. “Many people are not familiar with this format in the health area. Therefore, the debate about the job market and the training of these professionals is fundamental”, ponders the professor who describes the pillars of training for informatics in health: technology, organizational management and human health.