Bahiana holds a Symposium on Family and Community Medicine

The event is the result of a partnership with the Family and Community Medicine Residency Program.


In order to celebrate Family Doctor's Day, the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, in partnership with the Family and Community Medicine Residency Program, will hold, on December 5, from 13:30 pm to 18:30 pm, on the Campus Brotas: Family and Community Medicine Symposium.

Aimed at students, residents and health professionals, the event aims to discuss the role of the family doctor through the following themes: "Specificities of the Family and Community Doctor", "How this professional is preparing to face current challenges ”, “Complementary practices in health”, “Doctor-patient relationship”, “The family and its formats”, “Spirituality and health” and “Violence and social inequality”. For this, the organization of the event, which is coordinated by the professor of Medicine and PhD in Medicine and Human Health Rita de Cássia de Carvalho, prepared a special program, which will open with a round of conversation with the following guests: the master in health Andreia Beatriz, Dr. Washigton Abreu (doctor), Miriam Marambaia (doctor) and Lílian Carvalho (doctor).

The meeting will also have in its program a cultural moment with a musical presentation and a lecture by the philosopher, psychologist, doctor and professor from Bahiana Dr. André Luiz Peixinho. Finally, participants will be able to visit an exhibition of posters of scientific works.

The event coordinator explains that Family and Community Medicine seeks to provide a comprehensive approach to the patient in its most diverse aspects, based on the principle that the Family and Community Doctor (MFC) must be prepared to accompany people and their families in their different life cycles. In this context, small emergencies, monitoring prenatal care, newborn care, childcare, cancer and palliative care, monitoring hypertensive, diabetic patients and patients with other types of chronic diseases are some of the responsibilities of the MFC. "To exercise this specialty, it is necessary, in addition to good clinical training, a good doctor-patient bond, effective communication with the community and broad learning in the field of social sciences to understand issues related to spirituality, the family, with all its formats, and the social inequities to which these people are exposed."

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Location: Campus Brotas - Room 306 (Marta Menezes Room) - Pavilion III
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