Work developed at CEDIMI wins Honorable Mention in Congress

The research was presented at the 39th Brazilian Congress of Pediatrics.


The work “Emotional and behavioral changes in children and adolescents with functional constipation: a population study” was awarded the Honorable Mention for Best Scored Work in the state of Bahia at the 39th Brazilian Congress of Pediatrics. The annual event took place from October 9th to 12th, in Porto Alegre (RS), and the theme of this edition was the training of pediatric professionals.

The research was developed at the Center for Urinal Disorders in Childhood – CEDIMI, which is the first reference center in Bahia specialized in the treatment of voiding disorders in children and works in partnership with the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. Physicians and researchers Glícia Abreu, Ana Aparecida Martinelli and Eneida Dourado, as well as medical students from Bahiana Ivana dos Santos and Victoria Lobo, in addition to the project and CEDIMI coordinator, Dr. Ubirajara Barroso Júnior, were the authors of the study that was presented at the congress by student Vitória Lobo.

As for the award, Dr. Glícia Abreu explains that this result reflects “the teamwork carried out at CEDIMI, where all the steps of the research and all the participants are indispensable pieces for success”. The professor also emphasizes that the presentation of the research at the congress made it possible to disseminate knowledge, which contributes to the effective treatment of children and adolescents with functional constipation.