III Health Tech promotes innovation, science and technology in Bahia

Talk show featured conferences, debate and the launch of the 2nd Inova+Saúde Award.


Black Awareness Day, Biomedical Day and day to promote innovation and technology in health. So was the 20 November of 2019 in the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, who performed the III HealthTech, talk show that aims to develop innovative products, services, processes and technologies, stimulating new talents with innovative potential in the area of ​​health and quality of life.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Dean of Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies Stricto Sensu, Dr. Atson Fernandes, by the manager of Santander Universities, Fábio Sampaio, by Professor Dr. Bruna Machado, representing Dr. Leone Andrade , Director of Technology and Innovation at Senai/Cimatec, by Dr. Paulo José Bastos Barbosa, coordinator of the Uneb Dentistry Center, on the occasion representing the rector of the institution, by Dr. Mário Rocha, representing the Portuguese Hospital, by Dr. Angiolina Kraychete, Medical Director of the Pain Therapy Clinic and Dr. Luiz Eduardo Fonteles Ritt, representing the Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar.

“This is our third edition of Health tech and, as we carry out the event, the scientific community is increasingly present, which proves the importance of this discussion in the academic world”, declared prof. Dr. Atson Fernandes. He also points out that it is in the academy that an important part of the critical mass of society is found and that the university's mission is to generate knowledge: “At some point back there, we misrepresented our mission and focused on building knowledge textual, whose main objective were goals that we needed to reach for a better evaluation of our programs. Fortunately, we have changed the history of our country a little and, more and more, the role of the university in building knowledge that truly impacts society is being discussed”.

The meeting brought together scientific initiation students, undergraduate and graduate academics, researchers, professors and partner professionals. At the time, the awards for works from the XIX Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana which happened on the 8th and 9th of October.

The Health Tech received as lecturers researcher Alex Correia, from Startup Mosquito Zero, who presented the platform that allows the integration of society with public management in the identification of focus sites for the Aedes aegypti mosquito, serving as a basis for the applicable control and monitoring relevant indicators capable of helping to prevent outbreaks and epidemics, as well as the optimization and better allocation of public resources for strategic prevention actions.


The second speech was by Isamar Maia, who told the development trajectory of the SAMU+, a platform that integrates all the information of occurrences that are registered in a single protocol, generating a patient record, integrating ambulances through tablets and computers, making the service faster and more efficient.
The highlight of the talk show was the conference “Building an infallible PITCH”, with consultant Aluir Dias. In his speech, the speaker brought some techniques on how the health innovation and technology entrepreneur can better present their projects and ideas to investors and companies interested in acquiring new solutions.


The occasion also marked the launch of the notice of 2nd Inova + Health Award, which aims to disseminate the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Bahia, stimulating the development of new talents with innovative potential in the health area. The Award is an initiative of the Bahiana, which is sponsored by Santander and in partnership with UNEB, Senai/Cimatec, Hospital Português, Pain Treatment Clinic and Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar. The award will be announced at the 2nd National Meeting of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Health – ENEIS, which will take place from March 19 to 21, at Campus Cabula da Bahiana. Check the notice at:

In an innovative way, the 2nd Inova+Saúde Award will present three challenges (proposed by Hospital Português, Hospital Cárdio Pulmonar and Pain Therapy Clinic) for the scientific and academic community of BAHIANA, in collaboration with other educational and research institutions (SENAI CIMATEC, UNEB and others), propose innovative solutions that will be evaluated and judged as to their innovative potential and differentiation in relation to what already exists in the market.

Those classified in first place, in each category (challenge), will be awarded:
- award certificate;  
- cash prize from the sponsorship of Santander Universities;
- mentoring (for 1 year, counted from the award date) of the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública in prospecting partnerships and raising funds for the development of the idea in the procedures for registering the intellectual property of the product developed with the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI.

Second place will be awarded certification and mentoring.

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