Professor Gerfson Moreira has thesis results published in a book chapter of the Word Federation for Mental Health

The book was launched at the World Congress on Mental Health in Buenos Aires.


The professor and doctoral student of the Postgraduate Program in Medicine and Human Health at Bahiana (PPGMSH), Gerfson Moreira Oliveira, had the preliminary results of his thesis presented and published as a book chapter in the World Congress on Mental Health, promoted by the Word Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from November 5th to 8th, 2019. The event is considered one of the most important congresses in the world, being the largest in the area of ​​mental health.

The congress had as its central theme “Inclusive Approaches in Mental Health, Clinic, Community and Rights”. The objective of the theme was to reflect on the current practices necessary to treat the problems of patients with mental illness from the perspective of rights, without losing focus on clinical practices and the contributions of different branches of health. In addition, since its founding in 1948, the World Federation for Mental Health has held world conventions every two years. The last editions took place in Athens, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Cairo and New Delhi.

The book “Mental Health: Clinic, Community and Rights” was launched by WFMH during the event and brings together several researches in the area of ​​mental health. The chapter authored by Professor Gerfson Moreira addresses interprofessionalism in the context of mental health and is the preliminary result of the doctoral research project “Care Inventions: work process and clinical practices in mental health and harm reduction”. The research is based on the investigation and discussion of the work process and clinical practices within the scope of the Brazilian Psychiatric Reform.

For Professor Gerfson Moreira, the publication of the preliminary results of the research in a chapter of a WFMH book is a reason for immense joy, not only because of the importance of the theme, but also “for the certainty of the elaboration of a quality methodological work, which was developed at Bahiana, evidencing the institution's standard of excellence”. The professor also emphasizes that the congress, despite being the most relevant in the area in the world, is not financed by pharmaceutical industries and laboratories, which reinforces the organizers' commitment to health and ethics. “There is a need to rethink the model of society in which we live, as the rates of suffering and mental illness are increasing. Therefore, events like this are fundamental for us to be able to discuss these issues and find alternatives in relation to people's mental health”, concludes the doctoral student.