Bahiana winning ABMES Social Responsibility Seal

It is the 9th time that the institution has been recognized for its social responsibility extension actions.


Bahiana won, for the 9th time, the Socially Responsible Institution Seal 2019/2020, granted by the Brazilian Association of Higher Education Supporters (ABMES). The seal represents the recognition of the continuity of extension actions of social and environmental responsibilities developed by the institution and which are integrated into teaching and research. Extension programs were registered throughout 2019 to be submitted for analysis and selection. The certificate promoted by ABMES aims to demonstrate the social commitment of private higher education institutions in the country.

the dean of Bahiana, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, celebrates the repeated recognition and emphasizes that social responsibility has been part of the institution since its birth: “It is in the DNA of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública a responsibility to society and, in particular, to those who need it most and from whom this current government has been taking more rights. Labor and social security rights are being taken away, and this affects everyone and, with greater severity, those who need it most.”

According to the dean, the country has been going through a time when the vast majority of people stopped caring about the suffering of others and, therefore, it is also a social responsibility action to carry out research aimed at the Unified Health System (SUS), “in order to benefit those who most need it and also all those who need new perspectives. We have a responsibility to train professionals who think beyond themselves, who genuinely serve, care for and care about people: the humanist professional. However, social responsibility is also telling people that we do not approve of what is happening in Brazil!”

Actions of Bahiana

The extension programs of Bahiana they are based on health promotion and, as a result, various sectors of society are integrated into actions, ranging from care and attention to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, to social inclusion initiatives related to leisure. O "Zero Caries","First Aid for All","Bahianescence","fair care is good","delivery day","To beach","Cashew Forum","Full Life Complex","Candeal Project"And "Bahiana Green”, as well as actions that have partnerships with public entities, such as NEOJIBA and OSBA, and internal projects related to the management of people and human resources are examples of programs developed by the institution, which are consolidated and recognized nationally for benefiting, directly and indirectly, a significant number of people.

"Among these initiatives, the Scientific and Cultural Exhibition (MCC), in which we bring actions of great relevance, such as popular education tents, with political discussions, and complementary integrative practices (PICs), where we work with popular knowledge, providing assistance to the exhibition's audience", emphasizes the dean of Extension gives Bahiana, the teacher Carolina Pedroza. The MCC, held annually, in October, was one of the events highlighted by ABMES for including, in the program, social responsibility activities incorporated into the public's intellectual and academic training actions.

The program "Bahiana in Defense of Life”, implemented this year, was also enrolled and contributed to winning the seal. The new project encourages the exercise of citizenship in the Quilombo Rio dos Macacos community (Naval Base) and is mostly developed by medical students at the Bahiana.