teacher of Bahiana is the first Bahian and capoeira master to join the Brazilian Academy of Physical Education

The inauguration ceremony took place at Bahiana, at the Cabula Campus.


The teacher Hélio Bastos he is the first Bahian and capoeira master to join the Brazilian Academy of Physical Education – ABEF. The inauguration ceremony took place at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, at Campus Cabula, on November 8th, at 18:30 pm. Thus, prof. Hélio Bastos took up chair number 21 at the ABEF. The rector of the Bahiana, Maria Luisa Soliani, the People Development Coordinator, Luiza Ribeiro, the Dean of Research and Innovation at Bahiana, prof. Atson Fernandes, teachers of the Physical Education course, family and friends of teacher Hélio Bastos.

The NEOJIBA – Núcleo Liberdade orchestra opened the ceremony. Dean Maria Luisa Soliani, the coordinator of the Physical Education course, prof. Clarcson Plácido, the regional delegate of the International Federation of Physical Education – FIEP, prof. Paulo Lima, the mentor of Hélio Bastos, prof. Alcyr Ferraro, and the founding member of ABEF prof. Cassio Hartman made up the head table. Prof. Paulo Rodrigo Aristides was the mediator of the action. As for the occasion, Dr. Maria Luisa Soliani considered it to be “an honor to witness and participate in such a representative initiative for physical education in Brazil, even more so when the honoree is a professor who contributes so much to the area and to the formation of future professionals".

Professor Cássio Hartman, founding member of the ABEF, performed the inauguration act and explains the importance of the event. “Chair number 21, occupied by professor Hélio Bastos, is a reference not only for Bahia but also for Brazil. ABEF was founded in 2019, and the professor is one of the first immortals to take office. In all, there are 35 seats to be occupied by the 26 Brazilian states, in addition to the Federal District”.
Clarcson Plácido, coordinator of the Physical Education course, highlights that “the ownership of the teacher of Bahiana at the Brazilian Academy of Physical Education is the maximum representation and recognition of a professional who has built a solid and commendable history in the area. To the Bahiana, having the professor on the faculty, enabling and encouraging our students is immeasurable”, concludes Clarcson Plácido, who highlights the feeling of happiness for sharing professional experiences with prof. Hélio Bastos.

After the inauguration ceremony, professor Hélio Bastos de Campos reveals how much he felt honored and gratified for occupying one of the first chairs at ABEF: “It has been 50 years of dedication to the profession. This moment is the 'crown' of my professional choice, which is based on caring for people through sport and education”. The sworn in professor also highlights the support he received from the family, and, in particular, thanks his wife Ana Virgínia de Campos for her dedication during his career.

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