Last edition of 2019 of Bahiana for a day receives Colégio Antônio Vieira

High school students experienced the courses at Bahiana through dynamics and experiments.


The program Bahiana for a day closes the 2019 season with the visit of students from the Antônio Vieira College. Second-year high school students participated in the course presentation script of the Bahiana on October 30th, from 14 pm to 17:30 pm. There were 41 students, divided into 2 groups, who experienced the health areas through dynamics and experiments.

Students got to know the morphofunctional laboratory and learned about human body systems. The activity was guided by monitors from the Medicine course. Pedro Paulo Brito, from the 2nd semester of the Medicine course and a former student at Colégio Antônio Vieira, highlights his happiness in presenting the course to students: “The experience is very good, because, in the same way we teach, we can learn from them , after all, we are not so far away in relation to knowledge", reports Pedro Brito, who defines as rewarding "contributing to the Bahiana on that occasion."

Professor Cristiane Magali proposed a dynamic for understanding “caring” in nursing. The students were quite participative and excited with the explanations of the professor, who also explained about the functioning and actions promoted by the Nursing course at Bahiana.

At the Dental Center, the professor and preceptor of the screening unit, Daniela Moraes, explains that “knowing the university before entering is an experience that prepares future students, who, in turn, understand how the faculty works in practice”.

Student Felipe Nunes, from the sixth semester of Physical Education, explained, at the Laboratory of Physical Education Skills, how physical education contributes to integrative health: “Participating in the Bahiana for one day it was sensational”, concludes the student. Professor Eulália Barros, from Physiotherapy, carried out the activity “The Face of Physiotherapy”, demonstrating the bone structure of the face and the role of the maxillofacial physiotherapist.

Former students Laissa Liguori and Emily Figueiredo also participated in the last 2019 edition of the program. Psychologist Laissa Liguori addressed the topic “Myths and Truths of Psychology” and, at the Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences Laboratory, biomedical scientist Emily Figueiredo mediated the microscopy activity with the teenagers.

lara Amaral, a student at Colégio Antônio Vieira, reports that knowing the courses at Bahiana dynamically helped her in the process of professional choice: "I was interested in the field of dentistry, but the experience in the Morphofunctional Laboratory was also quite significant."