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Bahiana highlights the importance of "caring" at the 14th ABRH Congress


Bahiana highlights the importance of “caring” at the 14th ABRH Congress
“Caring to transform” was the theme of the Room Bahiana, which had great public participation.

“Bahiana, in addition to occupying a place of excellence in teaching, it is also a reference in the labor market, especially when we refer to the process of 'caring'”, describes Telma Bastos, manager of the Strategic Management of People and Organizational Learning at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública (GEPAP), when explaining the activities proposed in the Room Bahiana, at the 14th ABRH Congress, which took place on October 31st and November 1st, at the Gran Hotel Stella Maris. The objective of the room was to make known organizational psychology practices aimed at mental health that the Bahiana disposes. With the theme “Caring to transform”, the room featured lectures, film screenings, workshops and integrative and complementary practices in health.

The manager explains that not only the Psychology course but also the Physical Education, Nursing and Physiotherapy courses participated in the organization and carrying out of the activities promoted by the Bahiana at the congress: "The competences of these health areas were not recognized by HR professionals, and the institution had the role of awakening attention to new possibilities in the congress, which is the largest in the North and Northeast of the human resources sector".
The concern with mental health is a constant, that's why the themes of the Room Bahiana were focused on this subject, with the aim of awakening, inspiring and transforming the public. During the breaks in the program, on the two days of the event, there were activities such as reiki, aromatherapy, auriculotherapy, foot reflex therapy, functional bandaging, body assessment and basic stretching. Telma Bastos explains that all the actions presented are intended to transform the organizational culture of the companies, improving employee engagement and, consequently, the results: “The Bahiana it promoted these ideas through tools that are easy to understand and assimilate, because, in this way, it is possible to apply the techniques demonstrated in organizations. These are suggestions that optimize care to transform”.

Two lectures were included in the program for the first day of the event: "Play Pause and PlayGround", which featured the screening of the film "Click" (2006), and "ConectaRH", which aimed to raise reflections on the construction of purposes in organizations. On the second day, the theme “Diversity in Organizations” addressed inclusion in companies and there was first aid training, given by students and professors of the Medicine course, for the participants of the congress. At its stand, the Bahiana it publicized the courses in the Master's area in organizational psychology, while the lectures and activities were carried out with great public participation.

Professors from the Psychology course and from the Organizational and Work Psychology research group Márcia Tironi, Carolina Aguiar, Eliana Edington, Myla Arouca and Carmem Barbosa mediated the lecture on the morning of October 31 and spoke about mental health in organizations in constant transformations. As for the theme, professor Márcia Tironi pointed out that “reflection is important for the management of the worker's mental health. We have several spheres of life, and work is one of them. And, often, the employee gives up some important moments because of work. People and human resources managers need to think about this issue”.

Professor João Franco, from the Physical Education course, was also involved in the organization of spaces and mediation of reflections. As for the multidisciplinary approach of Bahiana, the professor emphasizes that the dynamics are complementary, as mental health is also related to physical well-being.
Luiza Ribeiro, coordinator of People Development, reports that, as we live in a dynamic and demanding society, mental illness can occur through the imposition of values ​​such as constant production and at any cost: “Too much consumption is imposed and, paradoxically, this context consumes people's time and mental health. Therefore, we emphasize the idea that self-care is fundamental to human life”.

The 8th semester Psychology student Maria Helena Ribeiro, who participates in the research group on Psychosocial and Work Studies, mediated the activities in partnership with the professors. The student understands that the initiative is part of the set of actions of the university, with the participation of the Bahiana at the ABRH congress. Thinking about this perspective, Natália Brito, who participated in the lectures offered by Bahiana, understands that “the cozy and comfortable environment of the room revealed a little of the identity of the institution itself”.

Ana Cláudia Souza, who was assisted with the reiki technique, highlighted how satisfied she was: “The result of the service was exceptional. The professional who welcomed me was very competent. I am grateful to Bahiana for having provided me with contact with integrative medicine”.



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