Guidelines for Embroidery on Lab Coat

Check the step by step for correct application of the brand of Bahiana in lab coats.


The lab coat is a fundamental accessory for the health student's daily life.

A Bahiana indicates qualified suppliers whose work meets the quality standards required by the institution. Students are free to negotiate and choose the service of their choice as long as the embroidery guarantees the good use of the brand and preserves the institution's image.

Here the step by step for correct application of the brand.

Check the list of suppliers approved by the board:

pink embroidery
Contact: Pink
71 | 3016-5390
71 | 98841-1412 (Pink)
71 | 98831-5309 (Vinicius)

LC Lab coats
Contact: Lay
71 | 99134-5170
71 | 98236-0178
71 | 98713-7487

bianco coats
Contact: Teresa
71 | 3332-8850
71 | 3235-8684

Anurb Uniforms
Contact: Nilzete
71 | 99349-1405