PET Bahiana stood out in the XIX MCC

Interprofessional Work Education Program attracted the public with interactive activities.


It was also featured in Show the space for the Education Program for Interprofessional Work - PET Bahiana, who carried out a practical educational activity in the external area of ​​the Campus Cabula library. Visitors received a clinical case and had to choose which health unit they would go to among UBS (Basic Health Unit, UPA (Emergency Care Unit), DEAM (Women's Service), Hospital and Psychosocial Service Center (CAPS ) Upon arriving at the desired station, the visitor was guided about his option and forwarded to the correct unit for his clinical case, in case he did not agree on where to go.

The coordinator of the activity and professor of the Dentistry course, Marlene Barreto, explains that, within an ideal academy, the theoretical assumptions of training are already put into practice: “With PET, they have access to these services, that is, what he is seeing in theory, here he will experience in practice, which is an extraordinary gain”.

Medical student Oziemile Silva, from the 8th semester of Medicine, says that she sought the PET to have greater contact with professionals from other areas of health. “PET has a multidisciplinary approach, and I think a lot about, after graduating, working in primary care. Therefore, having this preparation before has added a lot to my training. I manage to have shared decision making with my colleagues, and this is making me grow. I believe this initiative will make me a better professional”.

Interactive Installation
In the entrance hall of the library, the interactive installation “As Árvores das Vidas” was open to visitors, an initiative that brought together photographic records of outreach activities: Violence against women – Nursing; Candeal Program; Public Health 1 – Dentistry; PET Biomedicine; Special Topics in Psychology I – Psychology and Multiprofessional Health Residency for the Elderly – OSCID/Bahiana. The initiative was coordinated by professors Michaela Eickemberg and Luís Sérgio Nunes, in addition to having been developed, in a collaborative way, by students from the various courses.
“How many lives and layers are we made of? What feeds our soul? Do we love only those or what we understand? Or simply the art of loving doesn't need an explanation?" – these were some of the questions raised by the exhibition's curatorial text, which extended to graffiti developed during the course of the show, by the artist Ramsés (@ramisestencil), in the library's gardens.

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PET Bahiana stood out in the XIX MCC
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