XIX Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana - Works approved for presentation

Check the lists of approved works for Oral Communication, Panel and Roundtables.


It is with great satisfaction that we disclose the list of works approved for presentation in the XIX Scientific and Cultural Exhibition. Paper presentations will take place on October 08th and 09th, 2019, according to the following schedule:

08/1014h to 18hOral presentations (PIBIC)Rooms S01 to S09 - Pavilion III
Room 101. Pavilion III
09/1010h30 to 13h30Panel SessionRoom S01 - Pavilion II
Rooms S01 to S09 - Pavilion III
Rooms 01 and 03 - Ground floor
Rooms 101 to 103; 107 and 108 - Pavilion III
09/1014:30 pm to 18:XNUMX pmOral presentations (general)Rooms S01 to S09 - Pavilion III
Rooms S01 - Pavilion II
09/1014:30 pm to 18:XNUMX pmchat wheel sessionRooms 03 - Pavilion III and S02 - Pavilion II


All presentations will be in digital format. Template files and guidelines for saving the Dashboard are available on the MCC website. Each presenter must take their work saved on pen-drive. There will be 5 (five) minutes for the presentation of each Panel, with another 5 (five) minutes for questioning by the evaluators.

The presentations will take place in classrooms on the Cabula Campus. We recommend that presenters go to Pavilion III on the Campus to check the room where their presentation will be held.  

Attention the presentations will start from: 10:30 am.

See here the list of approved in that category.

Template for Power Point Presentation.


Presenters will have 10 (ten) minutes to present their work, with another 10 (ten) minutes reserved for discussion and discussion. It is recommended that the presenter attends the presentation room with their material, except on a pen-drive, according to the model provided below.

See here the list of approved in the Oral Communication category - PIBIC.
See here the list of approved in the Oral Communication category - Not PIBIC.
Template for Power Point Presentation


Each round of conversation will last from five to ten minutes and will be coordinated by a mediator, who will lead the discussion. The resources to be used for this modality will be the responsibility of the authors. In the space, projector and computer will be made available.

See here the list of approved in that category.
Template for Power Point Presentation.