3rd year high school students visit Campus Cabula

Edition of the Bahiana for a day he receives a group from Colégio Batista Brasileiro.


Students in the 3rd year of high school at Colégio Batista Brasileiro participated in the Bahiana for a day, last Wednesday, October 23, when they were able to visit the academic facilities of Campus Cabula and experience a little of the routine of students from the institution's seven courses.

The visit began at the Prof. Maria Suzana Vasconcelos de Araújo Morphofunctional Laboratory, with activities coordinated by medical students monitors from the Morphofunctional Sciences Group – GCM. The importance of team care was the theme of the experience carried out by the professor of the Nursing course, Cristiane Magali, who also presented the course and clarified doubts about the nursing profession.

On the occasion, the group was able to get to know, up close, the facilities of the Teaching-Assistential Dentistry Clinic of the Bahiana – ADAB Odonto and also Clínica Odontológica, in a guided tour by the administrative manager, Lísia Oliveira.

The professor of the Physical Education course Paulo Rodrigo Aristides talked to the teenagers about the course and pointed out how the professional in the area can propose treatments in an integral way for the benefit of health, through integrative practices.

The former student of the Bahiana and physiotherapist Eulália Barros conducted an experience on craniofacial physiotherapy and a chat about the actions of professionals in this area. A discussion on Psychology Myths and Truths was the starting point for the presentation of this profession, carried out by former students of the Psychology course. Bahiana Julia Beck and Filipe Gurgel. "I really enjoyed the exchange of knowledge. We don't have much opportunity to talk to students who haven't entered the field yet. It was also good to clarify certain stereotypes that exist around the profession", says Filipe.

The final moment of the tour was with the biomedical scientist Emily Figueiredo, who coordinated a practical activity in microscopy at the Laboratory of Chemical, Physics and Biological Sciences.
The pedagogical advisor at Colégio Batista Brasileiro, Armando de Oliveira, points out the importance of the project as it provides practical learning: "I see this initiative very positively, because, as an advisor, I work precisely on the issue of professional choice. , a day that is lived here is much more intense. It is the difference between what you read and what you see and hear. Another positive aspect is that it opens up the range of possibilities in relation to professions and demystifies some other doubts as well."

The student at Colégio Batista Brasileiro Catarina Cerqueira Souza says that, after having made the visit, she is sure of her choice for biomedicine: "I identified with all the experience and I think I have an affinity, I see myself working in research to discover cure of diseases".

Catarina's colleague, Vinícius Augusto Machado, already knows that he wants Psychology, because he wants to help people who have psychic suffering. "It was great to come here because you have a notion outside of school, which is a 'bubble'. Here it is a real experience, among professionals who know what they are doing", declares Vinícius.

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