Students from Colégio Oficina participate in the Bahiana for one day

The young people visited Campus Cabula and learned about the health courses.


"To make students aware so that they understand how we work with health in Bahiana and help them define a profession for the future.” These were the words of the Nursing professor at Bahiana, Kátia Alves, to define the purpose of the project Bahiana for one day. Students from Colégio Oficina visited the Campus Cabula da Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública last Wednesday, September 11, in a series of activities guided by the institution's professors.

The Medicine students and monitors of the Morphofunctional Laboratory taught about the human body and promoted a conversation circle in order to answer young people's doubts about the Medicine course at Bahiana. Soon after, the teacher and nurse Kátia Alves performed a playful activity, portraying the importance of patient care, and explained how the graduation in Nursing at Bahiana it is based on the pillars of tradition, solidity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

At the Dental Center, the person in charge of reception Thiago Koppe guided the visit to the structure of the outpatient clinic, brushodrome and operating room, presenting how work is done at the clinic by the institution's employees. 
The Physical Education teacher Paulo Rodrigo gave a lecture on health, the aspects of activity of the physical educator professional, including complementary integrative practices, which work with body and mind, and teaching in sports clubs. Then, the students were guided to the physiotherapy room, where teacher Eulália Pinheiro performed an activity to identify muscles and explained how the physiotherapist's work works. 

Rafaela Santos, 10th semester student of the Psychology course at Bahiana, applied the game Myths and Truths of Psychology and told students how the academic curriculum of the course works. To end the visit, biomedical scientist Emily Figueiredo promoted a practical Microscopy activity at the Chemical, Physics and Biological Sciences Laboratory.

Luana Fraga, a student at Colégio Oficina, wants to study Nursing and shared her vision about the tour of the institution: “I have the objective of being a nurse. It's a profession I've always enjoyed... And I loved getting to know Bahiana, as this institution has a sensational structure”.

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