Young people from Colégio Sartre Monet know the structure of courses at Bahiana

Afternoon had several activities focused on the professional future.


The month started full of energy at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. through the Bahiana for one day, on September 4, students from Colégio Sartre Monet visited the institution's Cabula Campus and learned about the health courses offered by the university. The project, which is already a tradition, aims to professionally guide young people and make their career choice a more pleasurable and less bureaucratic process.

Initially, the students were introduced to the Morphofunctional Laboratory, where medical students and monitors from the Morphofunctional Sciences Group taught about the functioning of the human body. The medical student Rafael Lelis, who coordinated the activity, told how this moment is important for the learning of visitors: “Our main purpose here is for these young people to know the basis for studying health courses through knowledge about anatomy of the human body. We want them to know a little about the first subjects of the Medicine course and that this will help them to choose the profession they will follow”.

The nurse and teacher at Bahiana Kátia Alves conducted a playful activity focused on understanding nursing care. Soon after, the students got to know the Dental Clinic, and the manager Lísia Oliveira explained how patient care is carried out.

In Physical Education, professor Paulo Rodrigo promoted stretching and relaxation, in order to demonstrate the importance of health in an integrated manner and how the physical educator works with a focus on the well-being and quality of life of citizens.
Professor Eudália Barros explained about the functioning of physiotherapy, its specialties and taught students how to identify facial muscles. Many students had doubts about the Psychology course of Bahiana and the psychologist Lorillay Farias answered these questions, in addition to performing a game of myths and truths, in which everyone got very excited when they played.

First-year student at Colégio Sartre Monet, Beatriz Fernandez, who wants to study Medicine, tells how to spend an afternoon at the Bahiana influenced his decision: "I really liked the structure of the Bahiana for being modern and I felt welcomed by the professionals here, who taught us a lot about the health area and received us very well”.

The tour ended with the Biomedicine professor Emily Figueiredo, who promoted a practical Microscopy activity at the Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences Laboratory.

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