Fifth edition of the Health Fair Cuidar Faz Bem takes place at NEOJIBA headquarters

Social initiative had free exams for the local community.


A morning dedicated to promoting health, quality of life and culture. So was the V Health Fair Taking Care is Good performed by Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, on August 31, at the headquarters of NEOJIBA – State Nucleus of Youth and Children's Orchestras of Bahia, in Liberdade. The fair, aimed at serving the local population, had several stands on HTLV, ophthalmology, tuberculosis, epilepsy, rare diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

Nursing course professor Rosicleide Machado, who organized the fair together with professors Meire Gomes and Ana Cruz, explained how the project was born: “This health fair came about through the outreach program Cuidar Faz Bem, which belongs to the Nursing course and aims to carry out interprofessional work. Each year, we look for a neighborhood in Salvador to bring health education and, in this fifth edition, we have students from all courses in the Bahiana and also professors who are collaborating on the stands and doing interdisciplinary work”.

A tradition of the Feira Cuidar Faz Bem is the Stage of Arts, which this year featured the presentation of NEOJIBA. The talented young people delighted the audience with wonderful musical performances full of history.

Olgair Marques, social development coordinator of NEOJIBA, shared her gratitude for hosting the event at the group's headquarters: “The Bahiana has been our partner since 2014, and we always carry out social activities with the institution. It is an experience that adds value to our community and helps our young people to be more informed about health”.

The stands were structured based on a survey carried out by Bahiana, which identified the most common diseases that affect the Liberdade region. In the women's health space, undergraduate students from Bahiana carried out educational activities on the use of contraceptives, prevention against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), breast and cervical cancer. Teacher Cristiane Magali Freitas, together with the HTLVida Association, set up a space about HTLV, where educational games were held on the ways in which the virus is transmitted, the symptoms, treatments and prevention of the disease.
Work performed by Bahiana Health and for the Care of the Teaching-Care Clinic of the Bahiana (ADAB) was also demonstrated during the event. students of Bahiana set up a panel with the theme “Myths and truths about epilepsy”, with which they taught, with a simulation, which behaviors people need to have when they witness an epilepsy crisis.

Several organizations have partnered with the Bahiana in the realization of this edition of the fair as the City Hall of Salvador, the Sanitary District of Liberdade, the Secretariat of Justice, Human Rights and Social Development of the State Government and the Hospital Humberto Castro Lima (HHCL). Marília Neri, an ophthalmology resident at the HHCL, told about the work that the hospital carried out during the morning: “We are carrying out a visual acuity test in the population. The appearance of cataracts is common in people in their 30s and it is important that people are informed about the importance of taking care of eye health from an early age, to avoid future complications”.

Rafael Lelis, eighth semester student of Medicine at Bahiana and one of the organizers of the fair, explained how participating in the event adds to his training. "I was responsible for the infrastructure and collaborating with the idealization of this fair is very productive for my professional life, as I have the opportunity to work with colleagues from various health courses and learn how teamwork is important."

The population actively participated in the fair. Jorge Cerqueira, a resident of Liberdade, shared his experience at the event after visiting the stands: “I'm very happy with this project, because we often go to the Unified Health System (SUS) and we can't get assistance, so this fair here in helps a lot. I took a visual acuity test, they measured my pressure, weight and height. I feel good about it all.”

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