Distance Learning Technologist Course in Health Informatics - 2019.2.2

Special Enrollment. Applications are open from 02 to 04/09 and no registration fee.


If you already have a high school degree or want to take a second degree, this is your chance to obtain a higher degree in just three years, with the ease of choosing the time and place that suits you best, advantages that only one course in EAD with the most modern tools can offer you.

Whether you are in the healthcare field or not, this is your opportunity to study at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, top score in the MEC evaluation.

Allied to its tradition, credibility of more than 67 years of history and guarantee of a teaching staff mainly formed by masters and doctors, the first undergraduate course in distance learning from Bahiana, Technologist in Health Informatics, opens enrollment for Special Enrollment.

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