Students from Colégio Vitória-Régia participate in a tour of the Bahiana

Action had the objective of presenting the health courses.


The project Bahiana for a day it continues at full steam. Last Wednesday, August 7, students from Colégio Vitória-Régia got to know the undergraduate courses at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública on the Cabula Campus. The activity focused on professional guidance and on presenting how the university world works.
Undergraduates in Medicine and monitors from the Morphofunctional Sciences Group promoted, in the Morphofunctional Laboratory, a round of classes on some systems of the human body, such as the cardiorespiratory and the musculoskeletal. 
André Batista, Vitória-Régia's discipline coordinator, accompanied the students and expressed the relevance of this visit to their choice of profession: “They are in the last year of high school and are going through a lot of anxiety and doubts in deciding which career to pursue. Therefore, this program of the Bahiana it helps to clarify many questions about what the university environment is and how the health professions work”.
Known for its specialized and quality service, the Dental Clinic was introduced to students by the manager Lísia Oliveira, who showed the structure of the place and explained how medical procedures work, such as screening and consultations.
The tour continued in one of the rooms of the Physical Education course, where professor Paulo Rodrigo Santos performed a relaxation and stretching activity, explained how the practice of physical exercise is essential for the proper functioning of the body and told how this moment of sharing knowledge about health is important: “The Bahiana for a day is the first step in exposing these students to the opportunity-filled world of academic life. The profession of physical educator is full of possibilities for action and it is incredible to show this and see their great interest in the area of ​​health”.

Physiotherapist Eulália Barros started the chat by giving examples of physiotherapy fields of action, such as maxillofacial, dermatofunctional and sports, and then showed how to identify bones and muscles. Then, psychologist Lorilay Farias performed a game of myths and truths in psychology and described the curricular structure of the undergraduate program at Bahiana.
Anna Karolina Alves, third-year student at Vitória-Régia, expressed her feelings for the afternoon she spent at Bahiana: “I think about studying Medicine. It was essential to experience all this and get to know this academic space. I am grateful for this moment.”
The day ended with a microscopy activity at the Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences Laboratory carried out by biomedical scientist Emily Figueiredo.

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