LABED participates in the International Fibromyalgia Day action

Academics met with members of the Gente de Fibra group.


Students from the Bahia Academic League for the Study of Pain (LABED) participated in a meeting with patients from the Gente de Fibra group, on May 19, in Parque da Cidade, for the passage of the International Fibromyalgia Day, the date that marks the fight for awareness, respect and representativeness of the disease.

The program included the presentation of the purposes and objectives of an academic league and the activities carried out, in particular, by LABED. The meeting provided the realization of a listening of the members of the group. "We asked what pain would be for them, what improved and what worsened this pain. We carried out a dynamic in which a word or phrase about what fibromyalgia meant to them was written on paper (...). They gave suggestions for how to help, trying to solve that situation. With that, they realized that they were not alone and that they could help themselves and take care of themselves", reports the professor of the Physiotherapy course and coordinator of LABED, Bruno Goes.

A dance activity involving relaxation and muscle resistance movements was also part of the program. The meeting ended with a congregation picnic.

“Being present this afternoon showed us how important listening and her power are. We realize how neglected this disease is, especially its symptoms. They disbelieve the pain they feel and judge when they are unable to carry out their activities, further increasing the situation of anxiety and depression, which are so present in chronic pain”, declares the 7th semester student of the Physiotherapy course Eduarda Taine do Val Reis. According to her, respect and empathy are the first steps for effective pain care. “Certainly, this activity marked us and transformed our professional care and our human outlook, in addition to confirming the importance of interdisciplinarity in the field of health. ”