Fourth online lecture on Health Informatics is held by Bahiana

Meeting is free and open to the external public.


"The automatic integration of medical devices into the electronic record using interoperability and safety standards". This is the theme of the fourth lecture of the lecture cycle promoted by the Distance Learning Center (NEAD) of the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. The event takes place on the day June 11, at 20 pm, in a virtual room to be informed by email to the participants. Applications can be made via the link

The speaker at the online event will be Paulo Rogério Rades, who is a data processing technician, a specialist in Health Informatics and Systems Management and Technologies in Information Systems. He works in the areas of disruptive innovation of technologies and processes in healthcare and hospital management.

The focus of the lecture is to understand how current medical devices, used to monitor patients in hospitals, operate, which detect and issue alerts about specific problems related to the patient's health status. During the lecture, two cases will be presented where errors in the preparation and execution of integration projects impacted the safety of the patient, family members and professionals involved.