Bahiana promotes online course on Health Informatics Standards

Course is aimed at students and professionals in health, information technology and engineering.


Address the problems, needs, creation and implementation of national and international standards used in health information systems. This is the purpose of the online course “Standards in Health Informatics” performed by Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. Classes start day May 20 and end July 1st. 100 places will be made available, the investment is R$ 540,00 and registration can be made through the website

The syllabus of the course will be: Introduction to Health Information Standards; National Health Interoperability, Terminology and Standards Programs; Standards for Interoperability of Electronic Health Records; The HL7 Standards: v.2x, v.3, FHIR and CDA; Standards for the Architecture of Electronic Health Records; The openEHR standards; and Standards for the Exchange of Information in Supplementary Health.

The teaching methodology applied in the course will feature the following activities fully developed at a distance: theoretical video classes, which can be watched by the student at any time; video classes of practical demonstrations of the use of application software in health; instructional videos of real cases; and practical classes on the use of application software, generic and specific, used in teaching health informatics. Students will receive, in advance, the software for installation on their computers.

It is necessary to have basic knowledge in using computers with programs such as Word, notions of browsing, searching and downloading files on the Internet, in addition to being available to study at least 6 hours a week during the 6 weeks of the course. Applicants who complete at least 60% of the course credits will receive a certificate of approval.


Online course “Standards in Health Informatics”
Home: May 20, 2019.
Finished: July 1, 2019.
Workload: 36 hours total (6h/week)
Number of vacancies: 100
Investment: R$ 540,00