Students at Colégio Anchieta experience the Bahiana for one day

The initiative provided high school students with extracurricular experiences.


The afternoon of April 10th was dedicated to the activities of another edition of Bahiana for one day. This time, it was the students from Colégio Anchieta (Pituba) who experienced the university, at Campus Cabula, from 14:10 pm to 16:40 pm. The visit itinerary covered the courses of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Physical Education, Nursing, Biomedicine and Psychology. Each visit lasted 20 minutes.

The curricular components of the Medicine course were explained by monitors from the Morphofunctional Sciences Group at the Morphofunctional Laboratory. Thus, the 40 high school students, who were divided into two groups, were able to understand the functioning of the human body systems in an illustrative way.



In room S08, there was a Dual Task and Mirror Therapy activity, supervised by Professor Marcos Vinicius de Santana, from the Physiotherapy course. In room S03, in Pavilion III, the professor and coordinator of the Nursing course, Simone Passos, guided the high school students on the understanding of care in the exercise of the nursing profession.

The Microbiology activity, taught by the biomedic and former student of the Bahiana, Emilly Figueiredo, was held in the Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences I laboratory. For the Dentistry course, the former student of Bahiana and professor supervisor of the Triage and Emergency Unit, Humberto Lucas Bastos, presented the Dental Center of Bahiana, including the structure and forms of service.

For the former student, who is also pursuing a master's degree at the institution, to work at the Bahiana It is a great professional satisfaction, so “introducing the university to high school students is a task I feel very comfortable doing”, says Humberto, who describes how the visit happened: “I walked around the Dental Center, showing the clinics, the Radiology Center and important parts of the functioning of the private Clinic”.

The professor of the Physical Education course, João Franco, exposed the Laboratory Routine in Sports Science through dynamics that simulated sports practices. João pointed out that questions related to the field of action have arisen more frequently. “In this edition, it was possible to see many questions regarding professional performance. Our role is to show the most different possibilities in the area.”

To close the action, the two groups of students met in room S08, in Pavilion III, and participated in the Myths and Truths of Psychology activity. The person responsible for mediating the task was the former student and psychologist, Fernando Mattos.

Students Pedro Santos, 16, and Luana Guimarães, 17, approved the experience of getting to know the different courses at Bahiana. “This initiative helps us to better decide the area we intend to pursue”, comments Pedro. Luana adds: “We learned some subjects that we don't have contact with in the classroom, which made the experience more interesting”.

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