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Bahiana performs presentation of the show "En(cruz)ilhada"


Piece is starred by Bahian artist Leno Sacramento

An impressive monologue on the different aspects of racial discrimination in society. So was the show "En(cross)island", presented at the Cabula Campus of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, in day March 21, by the actor of the Bando de Teatro Olodum, Leno Sacramento. The play, directed by Roquildes Júnior and with a soundtrack by Gabriel Franco, reflects the concept of the various deaths suffered by the black population.

In addition to acting, Leno Sacramento wrote “En(cruz)ilhada” and shared the process of creating this work, especially given the context in which he suffered racial discrimination, when he was shot by the police last year, after being mistaken for a thief. "When I do the play, people start saying that talking about racism is easy for me, because I go through it, but I wanted to make it very clear that it's not easy, because every time I do this performance, I live that. And this is reflected in my life, as I was shot, on Avenida Sete, by the Civil Police and I was innocent. After going through this, I found that I can't stop doing what I do, talking about it, until I reduce those bullets that hit us daily."

Luiza Ribeiro, coordinator of People Development, highlighted the importance of promoting this show in Bahiana. "The piece 'En(cruz)ilhada' came to the Bahiana because we identify with it, this work brings a social reflection that is necessary for the health student. Given the excellent performance of actor Leno Sacramento, understanding the context of discrimination in the city with the largest black population outside the African continent is essential”.

The occupational doctor at Bahiana, Monalisa Nobre, reports how significant it is for her, as a black woman, to see this issue being portrayed in the educational institution. “It's always very difficult for me, it's a subject that always moves me, because on a daily basis we have to face it. Address this topic within the Bahiana it is essential, it is always necessary to show how our society is, so that, in this way, real changes can happen”.

After the presentation of “En(cruz)ilhada”, Leno Sacramento spoke about how the racial historical issue influences daily situations, causing discrimination in job interviews, in police approaches, and how the seriousness of racism is still greatly minimized in Brazilian society.

Many students watched the show, which made a connection between art and life. The medical student, Sarah Fernandez, tells about the experience of seeing the play. "It is very relevant for our training to Bahiana show this work. We are privileged people for studying here, at a private college, and seeing a different reality makes us open our eyes to the racism that happens in our city”.



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