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Dentistry Course starts preparation for the XVIII JOBA


Esthetic dentistry was the focus of the 1st moment of the Pre-Joba

The activities for the Dental Journey of Bahiana (Joba) started. In day March 20, the 1st moment of the Pre-Joba took place, at Campus Cabula da Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. The theme of the event was “Aesthetic Dentistry: limits, criteria and possibilities” and featured a lecture by prof. ª Dr. Andréa Araújo de Nóbrega Cavalcanti, prof. ª Dr. Juliana Felippi de Azevedo Bandeira and prof. ª Dr. Paula Mathias de Morais Canedo.

The coordinator of the Dentistry course, Urbino Tunes, opened the meeting, greeting the students and greeting the speakers: “Making the opening of the Pre-Joba with this trio becomes easy. These teachers are the best in the field of aesthetic dentistry in the country. It's been 21 years of Dentistry course here at Bahiana, and it's an honor to celebrate in this way.”

Prof. Dr. Fernando Bastos, coordinator of Joba, told how the meeting's production process took place. “This event is the result of the work of the entire academic committee, which carried out everything with great dedication. At this point, we discussed the limits of cosmetic dentistry and how this affects the work of dentists”.

During the lecture, the pillars of cosmetic dentistry were presented: ethics, knowledge, technique and time. Dr. Paula Mathias de Morais Canedo highlighted that, as there is currently a greater focus on appearance in the world, dentistry needs to act more and more with attention to always acting with more respect. “The aesthetic area seeks a balance between what the patient wants and what the dentist can offer. It is essential to deal with this theme in this Joba. Being on a journey is the peak moment of an institution, not only because it brings knowledge but because it has unity, and this is the Joba of maturity”.

Professors Dr. Andréa Araújo de Nóbrega Cavalcanti and Dr. Juliana Felippi de Azevedo Bandeira addressed how aesthetic changes occurred in the field of dentistry over time and how the evolution of research and theories on dentistry techniques contributed to the training of dental professionals. contemporaneity.

Several students from Bahiana were present at the Pre-Joba. The 10th semester student of Dentistry, Ione Figueiredo, shared her perception of the meeting. “The event was very interesting, as it added a lot of content to our training, mainly because the dentistry of the future is very focused on esthetics”.

Pre-Joba 2nd Moment

Estética do Sorriso will be the theme of the second Pre-Joba, which will take place on April 24, starting at 18 pm, at the Auditorium I of Campus Cabula. The lecture will be given by Prof. Dr. André Wilson Machado.



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