Bahiana launches the first course in Thanatology in Bahia

Applications open until March 4th.


A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública will offer, for the first time in Bahia, an Extension course specially dedicated to discussing the process of death. Coordinated by the physician and professor Franklin Santana Santos, post-doctoral in Psychogeriatrics, by the Karolinska Institute, in Sweden (2004), with additional training in Health and Spirituality, by Duke University/USA, and post-graduation in Bioethics, in the Lato Sensu modality , by FMUSP, the course of Improvement in Thanatology: education for life and death is aimed at students and professionals in education, health, human and social sciences, in addition to those interested in the topic. Registration is open until March 4th (LEARN MORE). 

With a workload of 56 hours, the course is divided into seven independent modules, which aim to discuss the theme of biases: religion, philosophy, science, education and aesthetic attitudes. Classes start on March 16, and each module will be held on one Saturday per month.

"The objective is to learn to use death as a pedagogical tool to rethink life", explains Professor Franklin. He emphasizes that maturing the topic leads professionals to better list their priorities, enabling greater well-being in their lives. "It is clear that a health professional who is well resolved with these issues will be able to better serve their patients, especially those with irreversible conditions."

Dates of classes: March to August 2019 (March 16, 22 and 23, April 13, May 04, June 1, July 6 and August 3).
Open Hours: 8h30 of the 17h30
Registration period: until May 04, 03
Workload: 56 hours
Location: Brotas Campus
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