Vitória Judo Team/Bahiana wins 11 gold medals in the 4th stage of the Circuito Baiano de Judo

Competition took place on the last weekend of August.


Photo: Jonas Farias
Photo: Jonas Farias
A moment of triumph with the conquest of 11 gold medals... That was the end of the participation of Vitória's Judo team/Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública in the 4th stage of the Circuito Baiano de Judo, which took place on the 25th and 26th of August, at the Pan-American Judo Center, in Lauro de Freitas. Due to the victorious result, the team's athletes managed to qualify for other competitions across the country and were champions in several sporting categories.

The team's coach Rodrigo Ferreira registered his pride in the team's results: "The athletes are to be congratulated. It is a team of young people who have a daily training pace and, therefore, they are competing at a high technical level. We are sure that the team will have great national results this year. I especially offer my congratulations to the athlete Pedro Azevedo, who was crowned champion Under 21 and Adult at just 18 years old”.

The teacher and coordinator of the Physical Education course at Bahiana, Clarcson Plácido discussed how this association with the Bahiana has provided good results for the institution: “This partnership with Judo from Esporte Clube Vitória (ECV) brings the academy closer to Bahian sport, insofar as technical-scientific and assistance support is established so that athletes can dedicate themselves to the trainings. For students of the Physical Education course at Bahiana, this is a great opportunity to develop skills related to sports training, in terms of high performance, through systematic contact with the routines developed by these athletes”.

“The Judo of ECV/BAHIANA is currently the biggest winner among the teams in the State of Bahia and is coached by prof. Maicon França, a great partner of our School, which has provided us with the necessary access for the training of our students in this sport”, added Clarcson Plácido.

There were 16 athletes from the Vitória team/Bahiana, participants of the Bahia competition. Check out the list of judokas who won the gold!

sub 15
-33 (Slight): Tiago Carvalho
-36 (Medium-Light): Ricardo Góes
-40 (Light): Filipe Góes
sub 18
+78 (Heavy): Ana Damasceno
sub 21
-48 (Slight): Licia Macário
-52 (Medium-Light): Isadora Macário
-63 (Average): Jussyara Paiva
-78 (Medium Heavy): Vitória Ribeiro
-60 (Slight): Pedro Azevedo
-81 (Middle Middle): Gabriel Mattos

- 60 (Slight): Pedro Azevedo

The rubro-negro athletes who will compete in the Brazilian School Games in Natal – RN, in November are:
 -40 (Slight): Filipe Góes
+78 (Heavy): Ana Damasceno