MCC booths offer interprofessional action from the Undergraduate Courses of the Bahiana

Exhibitors brought themes that reflected the country's social and political context.


The stands with interprofessional actions of the undergraduate courses made up the schedule of the first day of the Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana, from 10:30 to 17:XNUMX, in the library area. 

The exhibitors addressed topics such as: “Aesthetics”, under the coordination of professors Gabriel Queiróz, Rachel Trinchão and Ubton Nascimento; “Adult Health”, under the coordination of professors Antônio Maurício, Cátia Palmeira and Hélio Campos; and “Saúde Mental”, under the coordination of professors Bárbara Soares, Fábio Giorgio, Lavínia Boaventura and Marlene Barreto.

To make the MCC even more persified, encompassing the current social and political context, the Showcase has increased the “Right to health in a Democratic State of Law” stands, under the coordination of professors Gerfson Oliveira, Grace Rosa, Karine Santana, Milena Lisboa, Mônica Moura and Sara Rocha; “Violence against women – health must 'take the spoon'”, with the coordination of the Tutorial Education Program – Pet Odonto, tutored by Professor Sandra Brasil and “Manifesto Bahiana Verde”, coordinated by André Soliani.

As for the Manifest stand Bahiana Green, André Soliani says that, about a year ago, the Bahiana internally discusses its role in relation to the environment: “we know that our consumption pattern is unsustainable. Global warming is no longer a threat of the future. There are weather events that result from the inadequate use of natural resources, such as winds and storms”, ponders André.

Raquel Rebuças, a student in the second semester of Medicine, explained the proposal for the “Mental Health” stand: “We thought of working on mental health in perso- nal aspects, through myths and truths, after all, we need to welcome individuals, regardless of psychic suffering. Therefore, this stand is very relevant for MCC”.

Yuri Costa, Dentistry student and member of Pet-Odonto, participated in the stand “Violence against women – health must 'take the spoon'”. He regretted that aggression against women is something so present in Brazilian society, stressing that the Dentistry Booklet was prepared by the students of the course, in which it is illustrated how the dentist should proceed when there is a finding of fracture resulting from aggression against women .

The teacher and tutor at Pet-Odonto, Sandra Brasil, added that the Dentistry professional receives 60% of the people who suffer aggressions, as, in general, they affect the face. "So, the dentist has a commitment, also regulated by the code of ethics, to take care of these patients in an extremely respectful manner." The teacher emphasizes that it is necessary to guide women with regard to legal protection and make an informative notification to the Ministry of Health.

At the “Adult Health” stand, there was a tree of life, on which people posted phrases about health. Paula Peixoto, a Nursing student, explains that the idea was to represent the tree of life: “The fruits are about health and health is linked to quality of life and well-being”.

The Psychology student, Isabela Ramos, spoke about the “Right to Health in a Democratic State of Law” stand. "We brought a game in which people suggest the candidate responsible for a given proposal in relation to the country's health." In this political awareness booth, there were photos of the presidential candidates and some proposals from them on health.

Felipe Sales, administrative assistant of the Teaching Laboratory, congratulates the action of Bahiana and points out that, as it is open to all employees, it is possible to participate in all booths and activities. For the employee, the Exhibition improves every year and reflects the daily life of the institution: “it's two days that the Bahiana reserve to show a little of what we do throughout the year”.