Barracão class of ideas: left-center-right, did it break down?

Next edition of the event takes place on August 18th.


Barracão de Ideias proposes "dialogued classes" that are based on an interdisciplinary action centered on the ethical and political understanding of students as protagonists of their learning process. The methodology emphasizes their participation, the repertoires brought and the need for protagonism and exchange of experiences with colleagues from different schools and different learning spaces. The class on August 18th will have the theme "Left-center-right, did it crash?". Participate!

Coordination: Selma Brito - MBA in Coaching, Academic Management and Business Management.
Target Audience: High School and College Students.
Registration period: 30 / 07 the 16 / 08
Activity date: 18/08/2018
Open Hours: 14h to 16h
Workload: 2 hours
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Location: Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública – Campus Cabula
Investment: R$ 20,00
Programming: interdisciplinary class

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