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III Psychology and Work Meeting


On June 8, the III Meeting of Organizational and Work Psychology of the Cabula took place at the academic unit of Cabula. Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública. The event brought together professionals from the areas of Human Resources and People Management and brought the theme “Health services: challenges for people management”.

As explained by the course coordinator, Sylvia Barreto, the event aimed to “discuss the complexity of health services, the management of people in this area and the accreditation processes, taking into account the proposal to create a space for discussion of themes emerging within the organizational landscape. Therefore, this year's version had the presence of many partners who brought success stories, in addition to the insertion of their own experience in the HR sector. Bahiana".

The third meeting was coordinated by Professor Doctor in Organizational Psychology, Eliana Edington da Costa e Silva, who highlighted the efforts of the organizing committee composed of professors Carolina Aguiar, Myla Arouca, Márcia Tironi and Carmem Barbosa; all specialists in organizational and work psychology.

Eliana Edington recalls that the meeting is “the result of a very important work that we have improved every year. In this edition, seven guests were selected, last year there was only one and this is already a differential, as it shows that the event has reached a larger scale. We focus on the area of ​​health services, the expertise of Bahiana, and also to invite our partners and professionals in the field of people management in healthcare services. In addition, this invitation was extended to several of our former students, not only those who have a curriculum linked to it, but those who exercise similar functions. After all, listening to professionals with a range of experiences and backgrounds contributes to everyone's learning. The participation of the research group of Bahiana, focused on psychosocial studies in the work area, was also very relevant.”

Eliana added that these actions strengthen the training of professionals and that “Organizational and work psychology is one of the emphases of the psychology course at Bahiana that this year celebrates 18 years of existence, with a celebration scheduled for the second semester”.

The event, which had a workload of 8 hours, included the conference “Human Development in Health Institutions: dream or reality?”, given by psychologist and consultant in the health area, Walkyria Camarotti. The panorama of work in health, as well as the obstacles in people management, was part of the psychologist's explanation. Walkyria reported that she felt honored for having participated and considers the event “very important for the growth of organizational and work psychology and for encouraging people to have a sparkle in their eyes and a charm for the area”.

 “Psychology has a great demand for the clinic, people forget that psychology is unique and that organizational psychology itself needs the look of the clinic and the clinic needs the look of work. Today, most of the demand that we meet in the offices is from people with suffering at work", concludes Camarotti, praising the event itself: "the theme and structure of the meeting were very attractive, this only has to grow in terms of capturing people interested in the field”.  

Psychologists Eugênia Ávila, from DASA; Patrícia Sena, from Santa Casa da Bahia; and Telma Bastos, Strategic People and Learning Manager at the School Bahiana of Medicine presented the lecture “'How I do it': good management practices” which described the success stories of the Human Resources sector of the respective institutions.

The round table “Management challenge in people accreditation processes”, was attended by psychologists Eliane Simoni, from Hospital Aliança; Simone Vargas and Vilma Cavalcante, both from Hospital do Subúrbio; and Vanessa Costa, from Hospital São Rafael.
Camila Pinho, People Development Analyst at Hospital Humberto Castro Lima, pointed out that the Organizational Psychology event “provided a very rich exchange between professionals, enabling the reflection of new practices that can be adopted in people management, as well as improvement of our gaze and listening as a psychologist in organizations”.

“It was an excellent learning opportunity. An enriching exchange of experiences”, said Isadora Plácido, an intern in the people management sector at HHCL. The student made a point of emphasizing that she felt grateful for the opportunity to participate in the III Meeting of Organizational and Work Psychology at Bahiana.



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