Monitoring 2018.2 | Period for signing the Adhesion and Grant Terms

Pay attention to deadlines and necessary documentation. Bank accounts must be current or university.


Period for signing the Terms of Adhesion and Grant 2018.2

from July 23th to 31th, 2018

Place of signature of terms:
Academic Department - Brotas Campus / Cabula Campus 
The terms must be signed on the Campus where the activity takes place.

Course modality:

- Non-scholarship holders: Biomedicine, Physical Education, Nursing, Psychology, Dentistry, Physiotherapy (students ranked second) and Medicine (monitors in the aspirant period for six months).
Note: To sign the Adhesion Terms, it will not be necessary to present documents.

- Scholars: Physiotherapy (monitors ranked first) and Medicine.
Note: To sign the Term of Grant, monitor students must have/open a current or university account at Banco Santander.

Required documents (copies) only for scholarship students:
- Card (checking or university account of the monitor student - Banco Santander)
- ID