Bahiana held the 17th JOBA

Event featured several interactive activities and attracted a record audience.


On May 17th and 18th, the Dentistry course at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública performed the 17th Dental Conference of the Bahiana (JOBA) at Campus Cabula. In total, 750 people signed up. The program aimed to integrate students and professors from various undergraduate courses in Dentistry across the state, in addition to bringing together academics and professionals, providing the dissemination of knowledge and scientific enrichment.

In parallel to JOBA, there were the II Bahia Aesthetic Dentistry Meeting, the XI Dentistry Former Students Meeting of Bahiana and the XNUMXst Meeting of Special Patients and Hospital Dentistry.

This year's edition, which was honored by professor Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, dean of the institution, had several activities such as conferences, Hands-on, JOBA Comunidade/LABOP Innovation, workshop, alumni meeting and Workshops. The opening ceremony was marked by the presentation of the choreography “Soliani”, from the Center for Investigation in Afro-Brazilian Dances of the Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia (CIDAB/FUNCEB) in reverence to the woman, then represented in the tribute paid to Dr. Maria Luisa . The entire trajectory of the dean within the institution was highlighted by the coordinator of the Dentistry course, Dr. Urbino Tunes. The tribute ended with the showing of a film about the journey, correlating it to the honoree's life story.

Maria Cecília Azoubel, teaching coordinator of the Jornada, highlighted that the edition was commemorative for the 20 years of the course, as well as for the 40 years of dedication of Dr. Maria Luisa to the institution. “It is very representative because she played a fundamental role in the growth of the course, together with our coordinator”. Maria Cecília concluded that “the event was an opportunity to update knowledge in the area. Thus, this year's theme: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Interdisciplinarity, introduced the public to new technologies associated with dentistry”.

The dean of Extension, prof. ª Carolina Pedroza, the People Development coordinator, Luiza Ribeiro, the Communication and Marketing coordinator, Margot Soliani, the Administration and Finance coordinator, Emanoel Alves de Souza, the medical director of Bahiana Health, Dr. Humberto Castro Lima Filho, the operations director of Bahiana Saúde, Mariana Soliani, as well as teachers and students.

Academician Marcos Rios, 10th semester student and student coordinator at Joba, pointed out that “the 17th Journey of Dentistry of Bahiana had the character of commemorating the 20 years of the school's Dentistry course. And, in addition to being commemorative, it was special, mainly due to the choice of the honoree, who has a commendable trajectory.”

Marcos also highlighted that “the journey takes place every year and there are always several standard practices, but this edition brought some unprecedented programs, such as, for example, the Cantinho da Odontologia”. According to the student, "the idea was to get out of the 'box' and show the other side of the dental student, who can be an artist, entrepreneur, among other options." As for, there was the presentation of papers, with the aim of encouraging the student to become interested in scientific initiation, "being a motivation for those who want to pursue a master's or doctoral degree." He also stressed the importance of working together for the realization of JOBA.

The topics covered were "management, enchantment of patients and all these marketing strategies that are very useful for professionals who will leave the Bahiana”. Summarizes Maria Cecília Azoubel, adding that the intention was to mix “the technicality required by dentistry with art and fun. Through the space of the artist dentist, for example, students were able to exhibit their manual skills, such as painting and gastronomy”.

In the LABOP Innovation space, student Ingrid Lino, 9th semester and president of the Student League, highlighted the importance of the Journey bringing educational activities. She highlighted that, in the environment in question, there were several actions aimed at children "in order to demonstrate the importance of proper oral hygiene in a playful way." Professor Isa Peixoto, teaching coordinator of LABOP, explained the objective of the initiative: “to focus on an integral vision of the child, including their quality of life and well-being”.

The course coordinator, professor Dr. Urbino Tunes, pointed out about the construction of the JOBA script: “there was great care in the preparation of the entire program, aiming to meet the various areas of knowledge in dentistry that are currently being disseminated throughout the world ”.

The professor added that, “in addition to the event having brought together a record number of participants, there was also the integration of students in a collective effort. This has fantastic university value and encourages the production of knowledge”. And he emphasized the values ​​that the institution carries, the achievements that the Dean's management has achieved and how the set of these achievements were essential for the course to achieve the maximum grade of the MEC.

The honoree, Dr. Maria Luisa, revealed the importance of JOBA, for being “a moment that integrates students and professionals from Bahiana with students and professionals from other schools. There is an exchange of experiences, which encourages the learning process”.

The dean recalls that “the Journey has grown a lot in recent years and, for the Bahiana, is the second biggest event. The first being the Scientific Exhibition”. Regarding the tribute received, Maria Luisa reports that she felt “excited and happy for having had this opportunity from such competent and caring people”.

For Nathan Leite, a 2nd semester student, the Journey was very significant. “The event allowed me to open up a scientific horizon, something that I had only idealized before, and, from here, I was able to experience in my vein what it really is. I attended the lectures and found it very enriching, especially the lecture on maxillofacial, a specialization that I think about doing residency. This exchange of knowledge enriches me a lot, as it gives me a theoretical basis about the issues and favors me as a person”, reported the student.

The second day of programming of the journey had a special moment. Professors and students of the Dentistry course honored the coordinator Prof. Urbino Tunis. "As we completed 20 years of the course and Professor Urbino Tunes has been the coordinator since the course began, participating together with Prof. Humberto Castro Lima in the pedagogical project, Joba paid a tribute to him with the presentation of actress and dancer Alice Becker who staged the poem "O Lao eo Abraço" by Mário Quintana," says Prof. Cecília Azoubel, highlighting the presence of Prof. Urbino who, on the occasion, delivered the gift offered by the Joba organizing committee.

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