Bahiana was invited to join the National Day of Voluntary Action at Fundação Bradesco Schools, which takes place next Sunday, March 07th, from 08:XNUMX am, at the institution's headquarters, located in Via Coletora IV, s/n Cajazeira X. Our School will participate in the event with the actions Dolls Workshop with Recyclable Material, which will be taught by Psychology student Mariana Macedo Cunha and with the group from the Bahia Academic League for the Study of Pain (LABED), coordinated by professor Cíntia Pinheiro. 

Throughout the day, actions on education, leisure, sport, art, culture, citizenship, environment and animals, employment and income will also be promoted. Parents of students, teachers and employees of Fundação Bradesco schools participate, as well as professionals from the community, such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, psychologists, hairdressers, among others.

The group of LABED students, in which students from the physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition, nursing, medicine and pharmacy courses participate, will be inserted in the population providing, through playful activities, useful advice to avoid injury mechanisms and encourage the return to physical activities, avoiding the deconditioning syndrome, in addition to encouraging pain control through relaxation.

The activity will have a moment where the population will be able to express their pain for the "pain portrait", directed by psychology student Thallita Mell, in addition to participating in the relaxation workshop for pain control, using the Eutonia technique, directed by academics Emyle Martins and Roberta Gonçalves. 40 places will be made available, aimed at seniors or adults.

Puppet Workshop - The activity will be coordinated by Mariana de Macedo Cunha and will include the participation of Psychology students Diana Barbosa Oliveira, Claudia Rosa Paulo de Carvalho, Maria Emanuelle Lopes Rios, Luana Andrada Viana and Vanessa de Vasconcelos Xavier who will act as monitors. The workshop will make 40 vacancies available and is focused on the adolescent audience.

The technique of making the dolls was developed by Mariana herself, who intends, with this activity, to work on the awareness of caring for nature, while not forgetting the individual's space in the world. “Basically, what we want is to create awareness of taking care of the planet, preserving nature. Let's start by making the person perceive themselves there, their body, their space. Then we will develop the work of making the doll, but bearing in mind that, with recyclable material, a multitude of things can be done, explains Mariana.

In addition to ecological awareness, the student intends to encourage participants to take this ideal to themselves. “At the end of the activity, we intend to make the participants reflect: 'what can I recycle in myself? '”. The question remains!