Specialization course in Homeopathy receives professor Ruy Madsen

Visit was marked by book launch and classes.


On December 15th, the students of the specialization course in Homeopathy of the Postgraduate Program at Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública received homeopathic physician Ruy Madsen at the Brotas Academic Unit. On the occasion, the guest launched his book "Bases da Homeopatia". He came at the invitation of the course coordination to teach the Miasmas discipline, with classes on December 15th and 16th.

"It is a joy to be here in the postgraduate course in Homeopathy at Bahiana, and the idea is to bring the course students views of contemporary authors of homeopathy, showing that it is a science that is alive, that has a lot of evidence of functioning and effectiveness," declared Ruy Madsen, emphasizing that, like all science, homeopathy also needs to be constantly updated. "The idea is to treat the person as a whole. There is no specific remedy in homeopathy for a given disease, the patient is treated in the set of problems – as he balances himself, he gets better from the inside out and his pathologies also get better".

The doctor explains that the book "Basics of Homeopathy" is an introductory publication, aimed at those who want to know more about the principles of this medicine. "The book is called 'Bases of Homeopathy' precisely because we are respecting the bases of homeopathy, which is the treatment of the person as a whole, adding new instruments to practice these bases." He says that many authors, outside of Brazil, are studying new tools to reach an easier and more effective curative medicine for the patient. "It's a very difficult specialty, because it requires a lot of time with the patient and knowing everything about their life, not only knowing about their disease, but about their personality, their ways, their tastes, their characteristics. It's taking time to listen to the patient ."

Jovita Araújo Braghiroli, a pediatrician for nine years, says she sought out the specialization because she was interested in caring for the individual in a unique and more holistic way. "The experience of the course has been positive within the cases we have attended and also within my family, where there are people who have been treated with homeopathy, with very good results, and this encourages me to study and continue to seek and monitor the advances that exist in the world related to homeopathy." Among the news, she points out the discovery of new drugs and therapeutic modalities.

The specialization course in Homeopathy of Bahiana it is already in its second class, with completion expected in 2019. According to the coordinator, Prof. Dr. Mônica Oliveira, a new class should start in 2018.2. She explains that "the course has the main objective of training new homeopaths in the areas of medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, to work within integrative practices. It is the only course in the state of Bahia and also the only one within a health university. a work to strengthen homeopathy within Brazil". She cites scientific publications and research and extension actions as significant results.

As a differential, the coordinator highlights the clinical staff that supports the course, which is, for the most part, practical, as students receive outpatient care through the Unified Health System, being monitored by professors with a master's, doctorate and specialization in Homeopathy. The service is carried out at the Medical Center Bahiana Health, and to be assisted, the patient must only take his SUS card and ID.

With a workload of 670 hours for doctors, 500 hours for dentists and 420 hours for pharmacists, the course lasts 30 months and has, in its syllabus, the disciplines of Homeopathic Philosophy, Homeopathic Semiology, Clinical and Homeopathic Therapeutics, Homeopathic Materia Medica, Homeopathic Pharmacotechnics, Clinical and Sanitary Practice, Scientific Research Methodology and Collective Health and Homeopathy.

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