Students of the Occupational Therapy course at Bahiana participated, last May 07th, in a technical session to learn a little more about assistive technology initiatives. The meeting, which featured lectures by leading professionals in Salvador, aimed to discuss assistive technology strategies for the social inclusion of people with disabilities. The event was a realization of the Occupational Therapy Internship of Attention to Children and Adolescents of SerTO - Occupational Therapy Service of Bahiana which is supervised by teachers Ana Marta Ponte and Sofia Campos.

According to Prof. Ana Marta Ponte, “assistive technology is a very good resource for the inclusion and social participation of people with disabilities”. The segment is responsible for creating and providing resources and services that help people with disabilities to regain their autonomy, such as prostheses, orthotics and adaptations.


Organized by Deise Garrido, Priscila Maia and Yana Amazona, students of the 9th semester of TO and interns at SerTO, the meeting was attended by educator Luciana Damasceno do Computer, Education and Special Needs Program – INFOESP: The student building his autonomy. She gave the lecture “Assistive Technology as an aid in the inclusion of students with physical disabilities”.

Then, Occupational Therapist Maria Alice Campos spoke about “Personalized fit in 'Seating'”. To end the event, representatives of LCS Adaptações Veiculares, Renata Souza and Marcus Freitas presented the theme “Mobility without Limits”.

“Here in the Internship of attention to children and adolescents, we have the assistive technology project, in which some technologies have already been developed by the students themselves. Our intention is for SerTO to become a reference center in the production of assistive technology in Salvador, serving not only its patients, but also the whole society”, declares Profª. Ana Marta.