A BAHIANA, for the second time, is certified as a CITIZEN COMPANY by the Regional Superintendence of Labor and Employment


Via NAPE-Support Center for Special Programs, the Regional Superintendent of Labor and Employment in Bahia, certified the BAHIANA Be CITIZEN COMPANY for the social work of insertion of People with Disabilities and Young Apprentices. 

The Citizen Company operates under an ethical and social commitment, resulting in the satisfaction of its employees' expectations and respect from its partners.

That's why the BAHIANA primarily adopts a proactive position in contributing to the forwarding of solutions to social problems. It is not limited only to the financial results expressed by the balance sheet, but innovates with the formulation of a social balance sheet, which assesses its contribution to society.

Currently, BAHIANA It has 75 people working in this context, most of them physically handicapped, and over the next few months it will make available another 22 vacancies for young apprentices.

One more flag that the BAHIANA it has social responsibility with the community in which it operates and that its managers and employees are united in this same philosophy.

CITIZEN COMPANY CERTIFICATE - 2006 - Click here to view the Certificate

CITIZEN COMPANY CERTIFICATE - 2008 - Click here to view the Certificate