Salvador, February 14, 2009 

Dear teachers,

Welcome to 2009!!!

We started this very special year reaping the good results of what, with determination, courage and much companionship, we sowed together with our students and partners, inside and outside the Bahiana.

Good winds took our innovative proposal of the Selective Formative Process to other fields and stops and soon the results came. Freshmen are excited about our courses!

As always, we have a lot to share and, for this, we remember that the V Pedagogical Forum of Bahiana will happen on the day March 14, saturday, from 08.30 p.m, at the Convention Center of the Bahiana, Academic Unit III, Cabula.

In the first week of March, already refreshed from Carnival, you will receive a folder with the schedule and a copy of the Magazine of Bahiana, as an inspiration for our meeting. This year, the Forum will have as its theme “1952-2009: Bahiana - one story, many authors”. In a constant state of “walking metamorphosis”, we will transform ideas into actions, we will give wings to our imagination and, for sure, we will be able to fly together!

On the same day, we will toast together the achievements of 2008 and the plans for 2009 at a country lunch under the mango trees of the Cabula and during the flight of the “butterflies”.

We ask that you confirm your participation, both at the Forum and at lunch, so that we can prepare ourselves to welcome you. Confirmations must be made in person or by telephone at the campus offices by Friday, March 06th.

Our contacts:
Academic Unit Nazaré (Nazaré): Graça / Academic Unit Brotas (Brotas): Neide / Academic Unit Cabula (Cabula): Analicia

We are very happy with this playful-pedagogical reunion!

A butterfly hug,

Luiza Ribeiro
People Development Coordination