Be a guest on the commemorative recording of the 7th anniversary of Altas Horas!


Below is the list of winners of the Cultural Contest "55 years of Bahiana".
Carefully read the instructions for removing the invitations that also follow below.
Aline Machado Thomaz 
Aline Maria Silva Macedo 
Amanda de Souza Araujo
Andre Trancoso de Souza Anisio
Bruno Viana Ramos
Bruno Eduardo Prates Neves Goes
Bruno Jones de Castro
Bruno Meneses from Hora de Melo
Cosme George Das M. Oliveira 
Cristina Tavares de Aragão Bahia   
Daniela Diniz da Silva Nascimento
Danilo Cesar Avelar dos Santos 
Diego Brandao Oliveira
Dinalio Bulhões Nunes Junior
Eveline Maiana Fernandes Rodrigues de Oliveira Pereira 
Fabiana Mascarenhas Souza Lima
Felipe Evangelista Simões
Felipe Oliveira Costa 
Fernanda Andrade Job and Meira
Fernanda Ferraz Meira 
Flavia Daniela Santiago dos Santos
Francianne Marine Amorim
Gabriela Andrade Job and Meira
Guilherme Ribeiro Nunes Lopes
Iuri Usêda Santana 
João Manoel Miranda Magalhães Santos
Juliana Bomfim
Juliana Oliveira
Juliana Karla SN de Araújo 
Laise Luduvice da Silva
Larissa Bulhoes de Souza
Larissa Maria Santos Brandao
Laryssa Ramos de Souza Pitanga
Letícia Rocha Correa  
Marcelo Pato Vieira de Campos
Marcelo Pereira Gaspar
Marcos Vinícius Magalhães do Nascimento 
Marcos Vinicius Santos Uzeda
Nathalia Bacellar Sanches
Odilon Oliveira Lima Junior
Paulo Roberto Oliveira Cardoso Filho
Ricardo Goes Freitas
Tais Caires Machado 
Tatiana Araújo Marinho
Thais Andrade Silva Santos
Thaise Quarry
Thiara Reis de Oliveira
Tiala Gomes Oliveira 
Valdelice Velame da Silva Neta 
Vanessa Costa Menezes 


- Invitations will be delivered to the Coordination, in Brotas, on 15/10, until 17 pm.
- The student must look for the Communication Center and have the ID in hand.
- The non-attendance of the student will result in the delivery of the invitation to students on the waiting list.
- The invitation is personal and non-transferable and will also be checked through a list by the production of the - Program on the day of the event.
- The guest must arrive at the venue, on 17/10, at 17 pm.
- It will not be allowed to enter the Concha Acústica with school uniform or t-shirts and clothes - containing: brands, logos, political advertising and the like.
- Group participants can carry a camera, but they can only take photos without a flash. 
- Camcorders are strictly prohibited.
- All guests must have their ID card or other document on the day of recording.

HEADS UP:  TV Globo and the production of the program do not authorize anyone to charge fees or amounts of any nature for participation in the program Altas Horas.