The VII EBMSP Scientific and Cultural Exhibition is coming. And in this edition the Bahiana brings you two new features in Programming. 



Nine mini-courses will be offered aimed at academics from all courses in the Bahiana, which may be recognized as a Complementary Activity to enrich your resumes.



The other novelty, also a Complementary Activity, is aimed at students who wish to work at the Exhibit as monitors of the activities that will take place on October 02nd, at the Cabula Academic Unit. The workload will be 18 hours, including previous training.


In all Activities, the participant will receive the Exhibition Certificate.


Places are limited and the order of registration of candidates will be respected.



Registration for the mini-courses will be through the donation of two cans of powdered milk that will be donated to welfare institutions.



The period of registration runs from September 17th to 27th and must be carried out in person at your course office.



Below, more information about the mini-courses and monitoring.





- Course 01



Experience about living and dying: a human look at death.



Objective: Working on the view that health students have on death, aiming to broaden its understanding and a better approach to the subject by future professionals.

Date and Time: 02/10/07 from 14 pm to 18 pm (Kabula)

Teacher: Iêda Maria B. Hallelujah


Workload: 04 hours


Number of vacancies: 30




- Course 02



Sample calculation in research involving laboratory animals


Objective: Use the resources of computational statistics to estimate the sample size needed to develop a research work involving laboratory animals.



Date and Time: 02/10/07 from 14 pm to 18 pm (Kabula)

Abraham Baptista Fontes



Workload: 04 hours


Number of vacancies: 20



- Course 03


Molecular diagnosis in the clinical laboratory


Main goal: Demonstrate the usefulness of molecular diagnosis in the clinical laboratory, considering the sensitivity and specificity of reactions.



Specific goal: Characterize the technique of PCR and RFLP (Polymorphism Analysis by Restriction Fragment Size). Amplify and digest the PCR product of the MTHFR enzyme gene segment.

Date and Time: 02/10/07 from 14 pm to 18 pm (Kabula)

Fabio David Couto


Workload: 04 hours


Number of vacancies: 10. If there is great demand, five places will be offered to listeners.


- Course 04



stem cell culture


Main goal: Provide introductory instruction to stem cell culture.


Main goal: Practice the methodology for obtaining mouse bone marrow cells.


Specific objectives:


- Discuss the importance of using stem cells as a therapeutic option


- Discuss the methodological and ethical limitations of cell therapy


- Know the culture media used in cell culture.


- Perform anesthesia and sacrifice procedures for the animals used in the experiments.
- Know cell separation methods.

Dates and Times:

01/10/07 from 19 pm to 21 pm (Sprouts)
02/10/07 from 14 pm to 18 pm (Kabula)


Teacher: Ricardo Santana de Lima



Workload: 06 hours (2 hours on October 01st from 19pm to 21pm at the Brotas Academic Unit and 4 hours on October 02nd from 14pm to 18pm at the Cabula Academic Unit).


Number of vacancies: 15




- Course 05


dosage of anti-HBs BY ELISA, METHOD OF serological evaluation of the vaccine response against Hepatitis B virus



Objectives: Enable the student to organize, plan and execute the indirect ELISA in the current model of immunodiagnostic test, with practical and current purpose, in a critical and directed way.

Date and Time: 02/10/07 from 14 pm to 18 pm (Kabula)

Teachers: Songeli Menezes Freire and Adalardo Souza Carneiro


Workload: 04 hours



Number of vacancies: 24

- Course 06


Search for Scientific Information in Databases and on the Internet



Objective: Know the bibliographic databases and Internet resources available to search for scientific articles and develop practical skills in using these resources.

Date and Time: 02/10/07 from 14 pm to 18 pm (Kabula)

Teacher: Martha Silvia Martinez Silveira Berbert



Workload: 04 hours



Number of vacancies: 30




- Course 07



Interpretation of Complementary Exams


Objective: Discuss, based on critical and comprehensive analysis, the results of laboratory tests as a fundamental element for diagnosing the health status and monitoring of patients.

Date and Time: 02/10/07 from 14 pm to 18 pm (Kabula)


Teacher: Jose Domingos dos Santos



Workload: 04 hours



Number of vacancies: 30




- Course 08


The Use of Operant Techniques in the Behavioral Analytical Based Therapeutic Process



Objective: Expand the knowledge of behavior analysis in the therapeutic space and apprehend the relevance of operant techniques for clinical performance with an analytical-behavioral basis.

Date and Time: 02/10/07 from 14 pm to 18 pm (Kabula)


Teacher: Anderson Veloso Viana


Workload: 04 hours



Number of vacancies: 30


- Course 09





Objectives: Alert health professionals of the importance of the topic and enable them to perform cardiorespiratory resuscitation - basic support using an automatic external defibrillator.

Date and Time: 02/10/07 from 14 pm to 18 pm (Kabula)


Teacher: Paulo André Jesuíno



Workload: 04 hours


Number of vacancies: 40







As you already know, Monitoring at Mostra is open to all undergraduate students from the various courses at the Bahiana. It is an academic activity of follow-up and guidance to be carried out during the Exhibition. It can be considered as a complementary and certified activity with a workload of 18 hours. And the interested student must opt, upon registration, for one of the programmed modalities. Don't forget, the registration period runs from September 17th to 24th.



The student will only have considered their participation and will receive the respective certificate when they complete all the steps described below:


1. Carry out preparatory training for monitoring, with a workload of 04 hours;


2. Monitor, for at least 04 hours, the activity chosen at the time of registration;