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05/02/ - FRESHMEN'S WEEK 2010.1



Warm freshman happened at Cabula inside and outside
With boys and girls who through the Selective Formative Process of Bahiana They passed,
And they are in this world to learn and know a little more now
Many joys and expectations that they had in their hearts, they shared,
On February 05th, with the new friends who arrived.

All together, each in their own way,
They could show it to new friends
what was inside the chest
With respect and affection, no shame at all
After all, they discovered that We Are All One.

And so, in the rhythm of suddenness (something much better than the verses above) the New from Bahiana were received on the morning of last Friday (05/02), at the Cabula Academic Unit, when they were able to learn, through the voices of the repentistas Bule-Bule and their partner Queiroz, the history of Bahiana since its foundation in 1958. In addition to historical facts, the singers highlighted the participation of important figures in this trajectory, such as the first director of the School, Dr. Jorge Valente and Dr.Orlando de Castro Lima, who took over the direction of the Bahiana in 1969, bringing strong innovations in the 16 years he was at the head of the institution.

In an irreverent and creative way, Bule-Bule and its partner presented the courses and their coordinators. Thus, the new students were able to meet professors Roseny Ferreira (Physiotherapy), Marta Menezes (Medicine), Maria de Lourdes (Nursing), Geraldo Argolo (Biomedicine), Mônica Daltro (Psychology), Urbino Tunes (Dentistry), Ana Joaquina Mariani Passos (Occupational Therapy) and the coordinator of the Center for the Development of Educational Technologies (CEDETE), Antônio Carlos Costa.

The coordinator of Postgraduate Studies, Research and Extension, Kátia Sá, the members of the Academic-Pedagogical Supervision and the NAPP team, coordinated by psychologist Maria Angélica Mendes and responsible for preparing the day's program, were also introduced. even, a tribute to the suddentist Bule-Bule, one of the icons of Bahian culture, who on the occasion also won a 'sudden' by the NAPP Psychiatrist, Jehisa Pinheiro.

The moment that impressed everyone
It was followed by special alumni
Who participated in a TalkShow
They told their stories and where are they now
Remember college time
Killed the homesickness of the past
And each one with their age, they agreed on one thing
Bahiana it is a great school, known all over the world. 

With a relaxed, light and cool way, the People Development Coordinator at Bahiana, Luiza Ribeiro, mediated a conversation between former students Gilson Feitosa Filho (Medicine), Andréa Brito (Dentistry), Marta Vanessa (Psychology), Bruno Goes (Physical Therapy), Aline Mota (Biomedicine) and Flávia Ferreira (Student in Nursing) with the new ones from Bahiana.

Each told their experience as a student at Bahiana and shared the most important moments within the School and after graduation. Member of the first Dentistry class at Bahiana, Andréa Brito opened the chat telling her how her and the course's first steps were. "THE Bahiana it is a serious institution, with a good structure, with partnerships with hospitals and clinics, to ensure the best training for you. I studied Improvement, Specialization and Masters here, and that was not for nothing”, he said.

Also a member of the first Psychology class at the Bahiana and current teacher at the School, Marta Vanessa highlighted her close relationship with the institution. "My relationship with the Bahiana she is ardent and psychotic. Frightening because I'm proud to have taken the course here and psychotic because I can't separate myself from Bahiana. Today I am a home teacher. I say that we have a very good reception in the job market. I'm currently doing a master's degree at UFBA and there the Bahiana is very respected”.

Master and Doctor from USP, Gilson Feitosa Filho, a former student of Medicine, agrees with Marta and says that in that institution, the Bahiana is a reference. “I had colleagues from almost every state in the country, and I can say, without a doubt, that we have one of the best colleges in Brazil”.

Recently graduated and already approved in first place in Fiocruz's master's degree, Bruno Goes took the opportunity to talk about the performance of Bahiana in the area of ​​scientific research. "THE Bahiana it is the best place to train the health researcher. We have academic leagues, academic events, structure and even though a thousand physiotherapy professionals enter the market every year, the Bahiana is a differential in the curriculum. Because it's not just the classroom, we have extension activities and scientific research”, declares Bruno.

At just 26 years old, Aline Mota is already doing her Doctorate in Biomedicine, at Fiocruz, where, since her time as a student at Bahiana, was already conducting scientific research as an intern. “I entered the course without knowing exactly what it was, but I soon found myself because, even as an undergraduate, I carried out research, was able to publish scientific articles and these works served in my master's degree, which I did in just one year”.

Student of the 6th semester of the Nursing course and the youngest of the class, Flávia Ferreira also told a little about her story at Bahiana. Like some of her peers, she is part of the 1st Nursing class, the newest course in the Bahiana. Even so, Flávia has already integrated and integrates extension actions such as Anjos da Enfermagem, monitoring activities and is part of the graduation council. “We have to study hard and do the best, because we are the ones who built the name of the college that welcomes us”.

To the New of Bahiana Felipe Rodrigues, 17 years old, approved in Medicine, the reception exceeded his expectations and the most important point was the conversation with the former students, “I didn't think the Bahiana was so renowned. I liked the testimonies, they gave us more security”. Regarding the School's atmosphere, the new student emphasizes the warm welcome. “I found everyone very welcoming. They do not show concern and care only with the professional side, but it is a combination of the professional and the personal”.

The final moment was of great emotion.
All together, each in their own way,
He painted in a picture what was in his heart
There was peace, there was love and even the environment
Orixás and different beliefs, all very different

As the verse above tells, the last activity of the morning was developed individually and consisted of painting a painting, in which the freshmen should express a little of their history and what they want to take to the Bahiana.

Approved in the Physiotherapy course, Pedro Pereira, 19, expressed his story with the image that represents the orixá Ossain – “Because he is the orixá of health”, explains Pedro.

Amanda Matos, 18 years old, recently approved for the Psychology course. “I put the 'Alternative Society' here, which for me will never be just a dream; the clown, because we have to wear masks to face everyday life; the heart that represents love; and the environment. And the relationship between Psychology and the environment is to feel good”.



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