15th Dental Conference of the Bahiana - JOBA

Submission of works extended until the day 29/04.


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In the days 19 and 20 May, the Dentistry course carries out the 15th Dental Conference of the Bahiana (JOBA) at the Cabula Academic Unit. The program aims to integrate students and professors from various undergraduate courses in Dentistry across the state, in addition to bringing together academics and professionals, providing the dissemination of knowledge and scientific enrichment. Applications are now open and continue until May 20.

Those interested in participating should send work proposals to the e-mail, together with the application form completed.

Parallel to JOBA, the XNUMXst Pediatric Dentistry Meetingthe V Meeting of Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology, The IX Meeting of Former Dentistry Students of Bahiana and a tribute to Prof. Dr. Ceres Mendonça Fontes for her dedication to teaching and commitment to the institution and to the Dentistry course.

700 places will be made available to undergraduate and graduate students and professionals in the field.

15th JOBA

Dates: May 19th and 20th
Registration for the event: until May 20th
Registration of scientific papers: until april 29*
ADDRESS: Cabula Academic Unit
Address: Rua Silveira Martins, nº 3386, Cabula
*the presentation of the scientific work will only be allowed with the presentation of the badge.

Conference + course:
Academic Job - R$ 50,00
Professional Job - BRL 60,00
Hands-On - R $ 20,00
Workshop - R $ 30,00


Check the bills of materials for The hands-on method and 15th JOBA workshop.







Thursday 19th of May

Auditorium I – Pav. III | Duration: 4 hours

8am | Digital smile planning
Prof. André Machado (UFBA/UCLA)

10:15 am | Implants in aesthetic areas with guided surgery
Prof. Dr. Glauco Velloso (Neodent)

Auditorium II - Floor III | Duration: 4 hours

8am | Aesthetics in ceramic laminates
Prof. Márcio Lisbon (UFBA/Innovare)

10:15 am | Orthodontic planning in orthosurgical cases 
Prof. Ricardo Lima Shintcovsk (ABO/NEOBA)

Hands-On (H01)
Room S06 - Floor III | 14 vacancies | Duration: 4 hours 

8am | SBV - Basic Life Support 
Prof. Itana Fernandes (Bahiana)


XNUMXst Pediatric Dentistry Meeting of Bahiana
Auditorium I – Pav. III | Duration: 4 hours

14h | Opening

14:10 pm | Molar-Incisor Hypomineralization 
Prof. Dr. Carla Vecchione Gurgel (UFBA/UNIME/CENO)

14:50 pm | The use of fluoridated toothpastes in early childhood: are there still any doubts? 
Prof. Dr. Ana Carla Robatto Nunes (Bahiana/ABO)

15:30 pm | Labial frenulum: necessity and surgical opportunity in Pediatric Dentistry
Prof. Dr. Hervânia Santana da Costa (UEFS)

16:20 | Approach to trauma in primary teeth
Prof. Dr. Alessandra Castro Alves (UFBA/UEFS/UNIME)

16:50 | Orthodontic interventions during growth
Prof. Dr. Fernanda Catharino Menezes Franco (Bahiana)

17:30 pm | Primary teeth as biomarkers of systemic lead contamination
Prof. Dr. Iza Teixeira Alves Peixoto (Bahiana)

IX Former Students Meeting
Auditorium II - Floor III | Duration: 4 hours

14h | Integrated Treatment in Oral Rehabilitation
Ryuichi Hoshi (UNIME)

14:40 | Hypomineralization: aspects of interest to Pediatric Dentistry
Fernanda Lyrio Mendonça (FTC)

15:20 pm | Paraendodontic surgery
Lorena Castro Mariano 

16:20 | Profitability and quality of life in the dental office
Bruno Trevisan Rosa  

17:10 pm | Peri-Implant Support Therapy
Gabriel Koerich

Hands-On (H02)
Pre-Clinical Lab I | 20 vacancies | Duration: 4 hours 

14h | Preparations and molding for ceramic laminates 
Prof. Blanca Torres (UFBA/Bahiana), Andrea Lira (UFBA/Bahiana) and Carla Reis

18h | Opening Cocktail

Friday May 20th

Auditorium I – Pav. III | Duration: 4 hours

8am | Implante-CTBMF-Orto Integration in Complex Rehabilitations  

Prof. Luiz Carlos Silva (UFS)

Auditorium II – Pav III | 16 vacancies | Duration: 4 hours 

8am | Milk tooth stem cells: advances and perspectives 
Dr. Nara Salume (R-Crio/BA)

8:30 am | Inhaled conscious sedation 

Prof. Anna Paula Greck (Bahiana) and Bernard Greck

10:15 am | Homeopathy in dentistry  
Prof. Mario Sergio Giorgi (UNIAN/ALPHA-APH)

Hands-On (H03)
Pre-clinical Lab I | 16 vacancies | Duration: 4 hours

8h | HE and Morse Cone implants 
Prof. Sandro Bittencourt (Bahiana/ABO) and Prof. Antônio Lucindo Sobrinho (Bahiana)

Workshop (W01)
Ambulatory | 24 vacancies | Duration: 4 hours

8am | Tooth whitening
Prof. Andrea Cavalcanti (UFBA/Bahiana), Livia Aguilera Gaglianone (UFBA), Juliana Azevedo (Bahiana), Vivian Martins and Paula Mathias (UFBA)


Auditorium I – Pav. III | Duration: 3 hours

14h | Extraoral implant in facial rehabilitation
Prof. Fernando Bastos (Bahiana/UEFS)

14:40 | Maxillofacial prosthesis over implant
Prof. Guilherme Meyer (UFBA/Bahiana)

15:30 pm | Aesthetics: planning and clinical solutions
Prof. Luciano Castellucci (UFBA/ABO)

Auditorium II - Floor III | 20 vacancies | Duration: 3 hours

14h | The dilemma in traction of impacted teeth
Prof. Luegya Knoop (Unime/Neoba)

15:30 pm | Diagnostic methods for oral lesions
Prof. Adriano Perez (Bahiana)

Hands-On (H04)
Pre-Clinical Laboratory I | 20 vacancies | Duration: 3 hours

14h | Airway Management in Dentistry
Prof. Antônio Sobrinho Lucindo (Bahiana)

17:30 pm | Work awards and closing party

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