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Poetic Ciranda


The poet is beautiful like the Taj-Mahal
made of lace and marble and serenity

The poet is beautiful like the unexpected profile of a tree
to the first lightning of the storm

The poet is beautiful because his rags
are from the fabric of eternity

In O Poeta é Belo, Mário Quintana's verses describe the poetic universe into which the Brotas Academic Unit patio was transformed, on the afternoon of March 22, when the 3rd Poetry Circuit of the city took place. Bahiana, an initiative of the Psicopedegógica Care Nucleus (NAPP) with the participation of undergraduate students, professors and employees. 

"This is a meeting open to the entire academic community in order to create a space for the expression of subjectivity, because poetry is a means of expression that favors the maturing of a broader view of the world. We believe that activities involving artistic languages ​​are very important in the formation of the subject, in how he thinks and deals with the world", explains Angélica Mendes, manager of the NAPP.

Between noon and two in the afternoon, students from different courses and collaborators used the microphone and shared poems, songs, chronicles and poetic prose with those present. "I really enjoyed today. I thought it was something atypical. It's good to get out of that routine of always being under the pressure of studying and having a million things to do. I really enjoyed today, I thought it was special and I would like to at first, I was a little nervous, but now I'm even lighter!", declares João Pedro Souza Santos, a student of the 3rd semester of Medicine.

Poetic Ciranda

And the celebration for poetry didn't end there. At 14 pm, a poetic ciranda began, with students from the Special Topics in Psychology II discipline, with teacher Mônica Daltro, a moment celebrated with the presence of poets Mabel Velloso and Daniel Farias. Also participating in the activity were NAPP employees and the People Development coordinator of the Bahiana, Prof. Luiza Ribeiro.

During the activity, each student presented a poem or a poetic text that represented their moment in life. The interventions were made by the guests who, in addition to sharing the literary beauty in the form of poetry, also shared moments of their lives with the students. "The objective of the course is to prepare students for the job market. So, this assessment format allows students to reflect on their experience", explains Prof. Dr. Mônica Daltro.

"I really liked it, I found the dynamic of not being in a classroom, of being here in a courtyard with several people passing by, but even so, it didn't take us out of focus. I was delighted with the poems, it made me think a lot and it also made me reflect on doing more poetry. I do things for myself, but it never came to my mind to recite for people. So, I was very happy with Professor Mônica's proposal", comments psychology student Maria Viviane Gonçalves Santos.

From the joys of life to the greatest joy
went to give birth to my girls

From the care of life, the greatest care
It was to raise my girls

From the fears of life, the greatest fear
see my girls grow

From the sadness of life to the greatest sadness
see my girls cry

From the hopes of life to the greatest hope
see live my girls

The verses written by Mabel Velloso were chosen by the poet to finish her participation in the poetic ciranda. "I didn't think our meeting would be like this. I thought it would be in the classroom, but it was a very interesting thing to do. The way each one chose their poem or read their poem. I thought everything was very beautiful. I thought, they liked the result, the way they heard it. Because today it's very difficult to find a group that listens and everyone was very attentive. It's admirable. I was very happy," says Mabel Velloso.

"This exchange is wonderful, it's actually a feedback because we bring poetry and we listen to poetry and that makes us do more poetry and it makes more sense to people. This afternoon was wonderful, as defined by Mabel , we were able to play poetry, put her on her lap, as she said so well. It is incredible that, for two hours, we had silence and contemplation, and poetry, as this channel that can bring this exchange," said the young poet, Daniel Farias, who also ended his participation with the authorial verses of his poetry, Exit.

enter the success
and the exist

enter the success
and the exist
I hesitate

maybe there is an elixir
inside the word
I give up

said that
Esc key
and successful

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