VII SEPET takes place on October 16th

Internship and Work Preparation Seminar will bring together Psychology students at the Brotas Academic Unit.


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Tomorrow, October 16, at the Brotas Academic Unit, the students of the Psychology course at Bahiana have an appointment with the future.

O BASKET – Preparation for Internship and Work Seminar is an extension activity that prepares students for the choice of internship, as well as for meeting the world of work in one of the emphases offered by the Psychology course, through the presentation of the internship fields , developed practices and involved supervisors, identifying possibilities and desires and favoring reflection on projects and careers.

Through the exposure and sharing of intervention practices, the aim is to improve the skills necessary for the performance of an ethical and humanized professional practice in different contexts of society.

Don't miss this opportunity!



8h | Opening
Sylvia Barreto and Ana Aparecida Martinelli Braga

8:10 am | The internship at the Extended Clinic

Nayla Lima (10th semester psychology intern) and Ubirajara Barroso (urologist, coordinator of CEDIMI – Center for Urinal Disorders in Childhood)

8:40 am | Plenary

8:50 am | Possibilities in Hospital Clinic
Yasmin Mendes (10th semester psychology intern) and Aline Argollo (psychologist at the Psychology Service of Hospital Aristides Maltez)

9:20 am | Plenary

9:30 am | How to work with Legal Psychology
Jamille Khouri (9th semester psychology intern)

10 am | Plenary

10:10 am| Break

10:30 am | Mental Health Care from the public and private perspective
Milena Oliveira (10th semester psychology intern) and Gerfson Oliveira (psychologist, CAPS-AD coordinator)

11 am | Plenary

11:10 am | The wealth of activities in Work and Organization

Gessica Valente (10th semester psychology intern)

11:40 am | Plenary

11:50 am | Alumni activities

Continuing Education
Ana Carolina Santos (research) and Lucas de Medeiros (assistance)

Private Clinic
Lara Moura (service as a legal entity)

12:30 am | Plenary

12h50 | Closing
Sylvia Barreto and Ana Aparecida Martinelli Braga



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